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What do you think about the Violences at school today. Give your opinion

Havee_😘💗 4 tháng 7 2020 lúc 6:44

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School violence has been and is a hot topic of social concern. Conceptually, school violence is a violent, unruly behavior, using force to resolve conflicts, disputes, and harm both physically and mentally, taking place within the school. School violence is a social phenomenon occurring in many places, levels and levels. There are cases where simply fighting and fighting, but there are also many cases occurring in serious levels, gathering to "avenge", "face" each other with dangerous weapons such as knives, machetes, sticks, ... caused public confusion. Not only that, school violence also takes place in the relationship between teachers and students, teachers abuse students, there are even cases where students beat and insult teachers. The cause of this phenomenon comes from the students' eagerness, agitation, teachers being too stressed out of teaching and not being able to control themselves. In addition, because students are affected by evils, bad habits in society, parents do not care about children, the school has not closely followed the personality education of students and teachers. All of these have immeasurable consequences both physically and financially. Many students had to drop out of school, transfer schools, transfer classes, depression due to bullying and violence by other students. It can be seen that the situation of school violence is becoming a warning bell for the whole society, each of us needs to be aware of its causes and consequences and prevent and reverse this negative phenomenon.

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