Phạm Thị Loan
Phạm Thị Loan 16 tháng 9 2020 lúc 20:38

vãi ***** luôn, đầu cắt moi

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nguyennghia 12 tháng 7 2019 lúc 16:46


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Quân Trương
Quân Trương 3 tháng 9 2019 lúc 19:16


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Võ Bảo Vân
Võ Bảo Vân 24 tháng 12 2018 lúc 18:07

My favourite leisure activity is reading. I like reading because it is a hobby that is useful and interesting: useful because you can find a lot of knowledge of all areas that you need; interesting because the books can give you the joy and help you relax after a day of toil etc... Especially, when you join the forum, you can meet a lot of people who have interests similar to yours, comment on the books or novels that interest you. I love books and also natural as reading books. At the age of ten, I was awarded "The Scarlet Sails" of Alexandre Green by my grandfather. It is the first of book that I have been. I read it does not know how many times (Up to now, I still love it and occasionally read it again). My love for books begun. I usually spend almost of free time in choosing the book with my friends, participate in dicussion on the forum and reading (of course!). Every weekend and all holidays when I have no work to do, I often read books and ruminate on it. I also help some friends can select the genres of books that they like. I always hope that I will have my own library in my future. I love books very much and perhaps, I couldn't live without them.

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vũ thanh hòa
vũ thanh hòa 24 tháng 12 2018 lúc 21:36

In my free time, I often play video games and watch TV. On the weekend, I go to the park and play badminton with my friend. Sometime, I like helping my parent with my house work: cleaning the floor, washing the dishes , doing the gardening. On Sunday evening , I love eating out with my family because the food are delicious.

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Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Thơ
Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Thơ CTV 15 tháng 8 2018 lúc 12:36

1. The worldwide economic situation got worse in the 1990s. ECONOMY

2. There are many good programs on TV for teenagers. TEEN

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Trần Trọng Quân
Trần Trọng Quân 16 tháng 8 2018 lúc 8:35

1. economic

2. teenagers

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hoang dieu an
hoang dieu an 13 tháng 7 2018 lúc 22:26

There are a lot of activities that you can do in leisure time. Some people spend their leisure time to sleeping or resting. Othere spend their free time on their favourite activities. For example : listenning to music, hang out with family, go on picnic ... Some people like me choose sports to enjoy their free time. I love swimming, because it help you impro phisical health, more taller and relax. When you swimming, you will make a lot of friend.

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Trà My
Trà My 9 tháng 7 2018 lúc 20:12

Each summer vacation, I am taken to the countryside by my parents so as to relax after a hard working term. I really like the life here because of some reasons.Environmentally speaking, it is a peaceful place. The air is fresh. The space is quiet. I can enjoy healthy natural conditions without worrying much about environmental pollution.As for social security, the countryside is a safer place than a city.There are many gardens, rivers here. We can grow vegetables or chickens, fish,... on our own. The local are very kind, generous and friendly. They are willing to give directions to strangers and help each other in difficult times. Whenever we are away, we can relievedly ask our neighbors to keep our houses and children . Moreover, rural life is also easier that in cities. People in cities are easy to get stressed because of pollution, job pressures, competitions, etc ... On the contrary, those bad things are very rare in the countryside. To sum up, except income matters, the countryside is a better residence than cities.

Không biết có đúng không nữa!Hì~~leuleu

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Vũ Như Quỳnh
Vũ Như Quỳnh CTV 8 tháng 7 2018 lúc 19:57

There are many benefits of having hobbies. First , having hobbies are not just for fun but also helpful for your mental health . They are important for people to enjoy good health and have a happy living. Second, people who are too busy with their works and lead a stressful life , they're very important for such people to start hobbies . Finally , hobbies help in gaining knowledge. Further , hobbies are great way to make new friends and improve social skills. So , start your hobbies for a fun life

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Vu Thi Quynh Nga
Vu Thi Quynh Nga 28 tháng 7 2018 lúc 10:51

Hỏi đáp Tiếng anh thí điểm

Hỏi đáp Tiếng anh thí điểm

Hỏi đáp Tiếng anh thí điểm

Hỏi đáp Tiếng anh thí điểmHỏi đáp Tiếng anh thí điểmHỏi đáp Tiếng anh thí điểm

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