Linh nguyễn
Rồng Thần

Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given
1- She didn’t bring her umbrella so she became wet.
If ____________________________________________________________
2- “What is hasna doing now?”
Rim’s mother asked ____________________________________________________________
3- He doesn’t pay attention so he makes a lot of mistakes in the exam.
If he___________________________________________________________
4- Asmae is tired of working on weekends.
If only Asmaee ____________________________________________________________
5- “don’t go is dangerous
The policeman said to us ____________________________________________________________
6- “Were you at school last Saturday?”
The teacher asked his students____________________________________________________________
7- “Where did you study when you were a child?”
Mr. Smith asked me____________________________________________________________
8- It’s a pity she doesn’t live near school.
She regrets ____________________________________________________________
9- She helped me in my studies.
I ____________________________________________________________
10- “How long have you been in this city? «Maria asked Lina.
Maria wanted to know ____________________________________________________________
11- They are building shelters for the homeless people here.
Shelters ____________________________________________________________
12- Mary is very intelligent but she doesn’t get good marks.
13- I am too busy these days.
If only ____________________________________________________________
14- “Lend me your pen for a moment”.
I said to Khalid ____________________________________________________________
15- They will invite her as a guest.
She ____________________________________________________________
16- “Can you prepare this kind of food?”
Julia asked Khadija ____________________________________________________________
17- The team played well; however, they lost the match.
In spite of ____________________________________________________________
18- It’s a pity, we couldn’t visit the museum.
We wish ____________________________________________________________
19- “My parents are going on a pilgrimage next month”.
Zaynab told me____________________________________________________________
20- She became very fat because she ate a lot of sweeties.
If ____________________________________________________________
21- “We haven’t found any practical solutions for this problem yet”.
The manager admitted ____________________________________________________________
22- Anass didn’t get the job because he was late for the interview.
If ____________________________________________________________
23- I didn’t’ know that you were in hospital, that’s why I didn’t call you.
If ____________________________________________________________
24- I am sorry I can’t drive.
I wish ____________________________________________________________
25- “Don’t watch late-night horror film”.
I warned them____________________________________________________________
26- “What shall I do with my heavy luggage?”
She asked ____________________________________________________________
27- We got lost because we didn’t take a map.
We regret ____________________________________________________________
28- “Are you working as well as studying?”
Peter asked the boy ____________________________________________________________
29- Youness had a food poisoning he ate in a restaurant downtown.
He wishes ____________________________________________________________

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