My school

Minh Nguyệt
23 tháng 4 lúc 9:36
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Hoàng Minh Hiếu
23 tháng 4 lúc 9:27

C nha bn

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theo mik là A nha

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Phương Dung
25 tháng 1 lúc 20:46
My house is located in a small quiet alley. That’s a pretty pink house with 6 rooms in totally: a living room, a kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom and two bedrooms. There are a white leather sofa, a television and a sideboard in the living room. Next to the living room is the kitchen where is used for cooking and enjoying the meals. In the middle of the room is a dinner table which is made from wood. Three cookers, a refrigerator and all the neccesary stuff for cooking is arranged carefully in the right corner of the room. In the left of the kitchen is a clean toilet. Beside the toilet is the bathroom which is equipped a shower and a bathtub. There are only two rooms upstairs that is my parents’ room and my private room. I’ve decorated my bedroom with adorable wallpaper and many lovely stuffed animals. A single bed is placed next to the window so that I can stargaze before falling asleep. In the opposite of the bed are my desk and my bookshelf that contain many kinds of book. There are also an old television and a piano in my bedroom. Although my house is not too big but to me that is the most beautiful house in the world.
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I am homeless

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25 tháng 1 lúc 20:49

I live in a house with my family. My house is small but it is very beautiful. It has 3 bed room, one for my parent, one for my sister ( hoặc là brother, tùy bạn chọn thôi) and one for me. The living room is small but it is very nice and the kitchen is very convenient. My house also has a small garden with some trees and flowers that my father is planted. My house isn t large but it very beautiful, and I enjoy it very much.

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25 tháng 1 lúc 20:53

English is my favourite subject. English is not difficult to learn, you just need to work hard to gain good results. It’s the fact that English is the most common language spoken in the world, and studying it brings me lots of opportunities. First of all, being good at English, I can talk with foreign people and tourists, which expand my knowledge about each culture in the world. Besides, English documents provides a more accurate and original source of information. As a result, reading them, I can gain a deep knowledge in any field such as science, economics,… Furthermore, I can watch films, read news in English without subtitle. In the future, after graduating, with English skill, I can join international organizations or multi-national corporations and have a good career. It’s also a common sense that people who know English will have a higher salary than the others with a same job. I want to go abroad to study as well so English is necessary. In conclusion, English is an interesting subject and quite important for my future.

#Tham khảo!

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25 tháng 1 lúc 20:15

Break time plays an important part in student’s psychology after hours of studying. Students have several activities during break time. Some girl play jumping rope, some play badminton, some stay in their class to prepare for next lesson and others go to canteen for a light meal. Some of the break time, student spend time tidying up the yard; therefore, it always clean for us to play. In spring season, we plant flower and small tree to decorate the garden with colorful detail and keep it fresh. I always remember the excitement and fresh atmosphere when playing in school’s garden with friends. I have a group of best friend, we always share different stories, thought and opinion about all aspects of life in free time. Sometimes, we find a cool place to share snack and drink soft drink together so as to organize one’s birthday. The school’s yard is cool because of the shadow of big old tree. Moreover, students have large available space, which is enough for hundreds of children playing there. A 20 or 30 minute recess is necessary for learner so that they can manage the stress from studying and then they come back to learn with a good mood. No matter how big the school is, it is more suitable to have a large yard with old tree and flower. Hence, students have friendly learning environment instead of feeling like not going to school.

#Tham khảo!

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25 tháng 1 lúc 20:28

At break time, there are many activities. The students meet their friends and play together. They are playing many games like football, volleyball, badminton,... Many are talking about some movie, some activities,...Some are eating and drinking at the canteen. But the most popular activities is talking. The yard is very noisy until the guard beats the drum. Everyone goes indoors and classes begin again.

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28 tháng 12 2020 lúc 15:00

- Negative:

1. My family didn't go to Danang last summer

2. The carpet didn't get very heavy wear

3. My father didn't play chess with my brother last night

4. He didn't made a clean sweep of documantaries

5. His aunt didn't give me a new bag last Thursday

- Question:

1. Did your family go to Danang last summer?

2. Did the carpet get very heavy wear?

3. Did your father played chess with your brother last night?

4. Did he made a clean sweep of documantaries?

5. Did his aunt give you a new bag last Thursday?

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Lãnh Hàn Thiên Anh
26 tháng 12 2020 lúc 16:53

cậu có thể tham khảo bài văn này nha

Hello, My name is .... I'm ... years old. Now, I want to tell you about my dream school.My dream school is big and beautiful. There are many trees around the school and there are enough playgrounds for students to play. The school has a lot of students and teachers are very friendly. The classrooms are beautiful and modernly furnished. It has a large library, with a lot of interesting and useful books for students. It has a great learning environment. The school has many clubs such as: English Club, Art Club, Science Club, Soccer Club, Physics Club ... My dream school stretches. big news with lots of healthy foods so I can eat healthy foods at every lunch. It is all about my dream school

Chúc cậu học tốt :)))))))))))))))))

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lê duy anh
26 tháng 12 2020 lúc 17:11

Lãnh Hà Thiên An bạn giỏi thế

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11 tháng 10 2020 lúc 20:27

Are/in/garden/and/a/house/rooms/ four/big/there/garden.

-> Are there four rooms and a big house in the garden?

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Luna Tomeika
11 tháng 10 2020 lúc 20:36

Are/in/garden/and/a/house/rooms/ four/big/there/garden.

-->Are there four rooms and a big hourse in the garden?

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16 tháng 10 2020 lúc 21:35

Are there a big garden and four rooms in your house

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nguyễn hoàng anh
17 tháng 8 2020 lúc 10:45

????? đây là Tiếng Anh mà sao lại Toán ???????????

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4 tháng 7 2020 lúc 15:43

1. She (do) doing..homework now.

2. They (play) playing..badminton at the moment.

3. Lan and I (have)..are having..English lessons now.

4. Shh! My cousin (study) her bedroom.

5. Minh (not play)..isn't playing... football right now.

6. We (not have)....aren't lunch now.

7. They (not do)..aren't doing....judo now.

8. Lan (not study)....isn't studying...Physics right now.

9. (be)..Is...she (play)..playing... badminton now? No, she...isn't...

10. (Be)..Is...Lan (study)..studying..Maths now? No, she...isn't...

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4 tháng 7 2020 lúc 15:52

1. is doing

2. are playing

3. are having

4. is studying

5. isn't playing

6. aren't having

7. aren't doing

8. isn't studying

9. Is ..... playing - isn't

10. Is ..... studying - isn't

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Ngố ngây ngô
4 tháng 7 2020 lúc 15:41

1. is Doing

2. Are playing

3. Are having

4. Is studying

5. Isn't playing

6. Aren't having

7. Are not doing

8. Is not studying

9. Is she playing _ no she is

10. Is she stuyding, no she is

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