My house

🕹MR.Volcano🌋🔥(⌐■_■)🎮 10 tháng 1 lúc 9:18

Hi,everybody.My house based in flat land .First face of house near 7 national street.It’s large about 50 square metre.Around my house has many trees,flower .It contains two floors.The ground foor has five rooms include one living room,two bedrooms,one kichen room.and one bathroom.Upstairs has one room for me anf a room for reading book.In the living room has a sony television,a radio,and armchair.When a visitor come my family,we invite they to seat in here.Welcome you to my room.I will introduce for you.I love it because it has multi function.Include A computer is connecting FPT network with fast speed ,you can access internet, watch film by,listen all kind of music.What about other devices,oke,A radio,a airconditioning with fress air.Althought near street,but quiet.It ‘s good to learn for me. From my room,you can see sky with blue trees lines,particulary you can see a large lake .Wow.Beautiful.If you visit my house,You can’t imaging what about happen to your’eyes.You will scream that ” oh my god,one house in my dream”.

 đây nha bạn thỏ chúi thanghoa

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KHINH LINH TỬ MỘC TRÀ 10 tháng 1 lúc 15:33

my house is big,beautiful,and has a puppy

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·.¸¸.·♩♪♫CHANH❄MASTER♫♪♩·.¸¸.· 27 tháng 12 2020 lúc 21:31

My dream house will be on the moutain. It will be surrounded by tall old trees and beatiful flowers. Near, It will be a river. I will go sailing ang swimming at the weekend in the future. In my dream house, It will has 10 floors and 20 rooms.It will be modern things:robots, wireless TV,.....Robots will help me do the housework. Wireless TV will help me seng and reccess email,...There will be a helicopter on the roof so that I can fly to anywhere. I love my dream house very much

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Ngô Bảo Ngọc
Ngô Bảo Ngọc 27 tháng 12 2020 lúc 21:40


dựa vào đây để làm ạHoặc  My dream house is a cottage not far from the sea. On the ground floor there are four rooms.. There is a livingroom with a white sofa, a black armchair and a cofee table. My livingroom has a lot A lot of artwork and curios. ,There is a lamp, and french windows with a view of the garden; a television set and a telephone. My dream house has a fully-equiped kitchen with a refridgerator and a door out to the garden. There is a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Finally, there is a study with a desk and my computer.     On the first floor there are three bedrooms and a bath. In my bedroom, there is a wardrobe, a bed of course; with a bedside table. There are a lot of pictures of me, and a television set. There is a balcony with a view of the sea.     My house is really beautiful and spacious. It's big and expensive, but in my dream I am rich.     In the garden there are a lot of fruit trees. The is a patio in front of the house and there is a driveway with a gate.     The walls of my house are pure white, because white walls look fresh and clean and I love that look. All of the windows in my dream house have blinds. 
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Bạch Nhiên
Bạch Nhiên 24 tháng 12 2020 lúc 20:26

What is your favourite room ?

=>My favourite room is my bedroom.

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dinh pham
dinh pham 24 tháng 12 2020 lúc 20:36

What is your favourite room ? =>My favourite room is my bedroom.

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Vũ Đào Duy Hùng
Vũ Đào Duy Hùng 24 tháng 12 2020 lúc 20:38

=> My favourite rom is my bedroom

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Nguyễn Huỳnh Thanh Trúc
Nguyễn Huỳnh Thanh Trúc 9 tháng 12 2020 lúc 10:54

Dear Toby,

How are you, Toby? I hope you are doing well. I just moved to London yesterday, so I have lots of things I want to tell you about my new house now! It's a small, tiny yellow house located opposite the London Supermarket. We can see the dawn from the balcony in my bedroom and sunset in my parents'. It is just a small house but it is extremely convenient and modern. There are two bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom and a small yard at the back of my house. The kitchen have amazing things that my old house didn't have: dishwasher, microwave, electronic stove,..There is also a lovely bathtub in the bathroom and comfortable sofa in the living room. But my favorite room is my bedroom. It's bright and painted with light pink-my favorite color. I'm very pleased with my new house,so are my parents!



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Hoàng Thùy Dung
Hoàng Thùy Dung 12 tháng 11 2020 lúc 22:10

23. Mrs. Hoa is our English teacher.

24. There are six colour pencils in my friend's box.

25. Where does Mrs. Lan live?

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Dương Hoàng Thùy
Dương Hoàng Thùy 13 tháng 11 2020 lúc 15:45

23. Mrs Hoa is our English teacher.

24.There are six coloured pencils in my friend's box.

25.Where does Mrs.Lan live ?

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Lê Ngọc Ninh
Lê Ngọc Ninh 18 tháng 10 2020 lúc 13:45

bn ơi dài quá vậy

hay là câu đố đấy bn

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Phan Thị Mộng Thơ
Phan Thị Mộng Thơ 18 tháng 12 2020 lúc 10:16

My house is in Ha Noi capital. It is a big house. It has five rooms: one living room, one study room, one bedroom, one kitchen and one bathroom. In front of my house there is a yard. Behind my house there are three storehouses and a garden. In my living room, there is a big TV, two tables, two benches, four chairs, a computer and some pictures,…In my study room, there are two desks, three chairs, three closets, some books, a bookshelf and a computer. There is a small TV, two mattresses, five pillows, four blankets, and a teddy bear. There are some bowls, some cups, a fridge, a stove, a table, a cupboard and some pots,… in the kitchen. In my bathroom, there is a mirror, a toilet, a sink, some towels, some toothbrushes and some soaps. To the left of my house there is a wall. To the right of my house there are some trees. I love my house very much.

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nguyễn tiểu linh
nguyễn tiểu linh 9 tháng 10 2020 lúc 9:17

i very love trees because if i stand under tree, i feel relax. but in our life have many species of tree. but my favourite species is poenix tree . this is a popular tree almost stundenr know. in the summer, poenix tree have flowers. this color is is beatiful. in school age, it ave many memories.and want to say"i love poenix tree"

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Phan Thị Mộng Thơ
Phan Thị Mộng Thơ 18 tháng 12 2020 lúc 10:42

Uncle Huan garden planted a lot of guava. Guava tree is wooden, 6-7 meters high, has a smooth and shiny bark. Guava leaves are opposite, oblong, thick, and fragrant. Guava flowers are white, growing in clusters, leaf axils usually have 2-3 flowers. At the beginning of May, listening to the singing and singing, the guava garden of Uncle Huan started to ripen. The guava was sweet and fragrant. One day, he gave me 3 or 4 ripe, golden, delicious fruit, still crave it all.

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Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trâm
Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trâm 23 tháng 2 2020 lúc 22:09

1. The writer formed her friendship at primary school. T

2. The writer lives far from her friends. F

3. Hanh always spends most of her free time in the library. T

4. Mai is good at sport. T

5. Mai's friends sometimes get tired of her jokes. F

6. The writer hopes to have a lasting friendship. T

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Đào Chí Thành
Đào Chí Thành 16 tháng 12 2019 lúc 15:18

My name is Huy, i'm 12 twelve years old. I live in Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City. My house is near the drugstore and school. My family has 4 people. They are my parents, elder brother and me. My father is 45 years old. He is a doctor, he works in a hospital. My mother is 41 years old. She is teacher and he works in primary school. My elder brother is a worker and he is 24 years old. I am 12 twelve years old, i'm a student. I'm in grade 7 and I study at To Ky secondary school. I love my family very much.

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Vương Thiên Dii
Vương Thiên Dii 16 tháng 12 2019 lúc 16:55

What's your name ?

- My name is Dii.

How old are you ?

- I'm 12 years old.

Where do you live ?

- I live in Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh.

What is there near your house ?

- Near my house is a supermarket.

How many people are there in your family ?

- There are four people in my family.

What are they ?

- They are my parents, my brother and me.

How old is your father ( mother, brother ) ?

- My father is 44 years old.

- My mother is 39 years old.

- My brother is 15 years old.

What does he/she do ?

- My parents are teachers.

- My brother and me are students.

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