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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Choose the best answers

1. Don’t be silly! That ...................................possibly be Rivaldo!

a. mustn’t b . shouldn’t c. won’t d. can’t

2. No sooner had we started the game, began to rain.

a. than b. then c. that d. and

3. I interested in playing badminton as a child.

a. could b. ought to c. might d. used to

4. They’ve told you time and time ............................. not to go out at night.

a. to b. over c. again d. before

5. Sorry I’m late, but I..............................feed my little son before leaving home.

a. needed b. must c. had to d. was to

6. Smith writes very quickly. He’s .........................finished his essay.

a. already b. been c. for d. yet

7. What are you going to do? - I don’t know. I haven’t mind yet.

a. on b. at c. in d. up

8. I’ve Paris. I went there in March.

a. been b. gone c. just d. yet

9. This is the first ..................... I’ve ever lived far from home.

a. already b. since c. that d. time

10. What did the girl say ........................?

a. at you b. for you c. you d. to you?

11. Phong rang his friend in Nha Trang yesterday, and he said it ..............raining there.

a. was b. is c. should be d. to be

12. The last time I saw Khang, he looked very relaxed. He explained that he’d been on holiday the ........................week.

a. earlier b. following c. next d. previous

13. We wonder ........................the tickets are on sales yet.

a. what b. when c. whether d. where

14. When I rang Oanh some time last week, she said she was

a. this b. that c. then d. the

15. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others?

a. just b. sun c. put d. bucket

16. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others?

a. instead b. head c. heap d. dead

17. Which word has a different stress in the group?

a. amount b. inventor c. garbage d. resource

18. This film must be new. We’ve ........................ seen it before.

a. ever b. never c. since d. yet

19. He do something by others.

a. to be asked b. asking c. being asked d. to ask

20. Let’s go camping in the mountain, ........................?

a. do we b. can we c. will we d. shall we

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1. school/hold/english-speak/contest/next week

2. when/he/came/I/wash/clothes


1. a. carve b. warm c. farm d.depart

2. a. empire b. while c. liberty d. sightseeing

3. a. busy b. humid c. museum d. music

4. a. pour b. sound c. mount d. cloudy

5. a. festival b. man c. fat d. grand

6. a. carol b. export c.patron d. custom

7. a. upset b. custom c. return d. unsuitable

8. a. beach b. catch c. church d. christmas


1. we can't decide .... to apply this program or not

a. whether b. where

2. nam wants to return to the village .... he was born

a. where b. when c. what

3. Lam had her brother ... her bike

a. fix b. fixing c. to fix

4. " do you know where ... ?" "no , he didn't say."

a. tom has gone b. did tom go c. tom went

5. life in the country is different ... life in the city

a. with c. from

6. I must do now . I promise ... late

a. not being b. not to be c. to not be

7. do they know how ....computers ?

a. to use b. using c. use

8. this house ... built by my grandgather in 1990

a. were b. is c. was

9. my sister .... me she didn't know what to do

a. said b. told c. asked

10. they don't know how to ... the games

a. playing b. play c. played

11. I thankes my classmate .... helping me with my homework

a. of b. about c. for

12. a contest in which participants have to fetch water contest from the rice called ....

a. water-fetch contast b. water-fetching contest c. fetching-water contast

13. huy said he ... a chocolates factory then

a. have visited b. visited c. has visited

14. our teacher asked us ... we liked to go camping in the coming festival

a. if b. what c. whether if

15. the bill.... to you at the end of the month

a. will send b. will be sent c. will be send

16.I'd like to brrow this book . has ann read it ....?

a. for b. already c. yet

17. children should .... to respect their elders

a. be teach b. be taught c. be teached

18. we have ordered a taxi to pink us ..... at ten

a. up b. on c. over

19. he wants .... where to get a map of the city

a. to knowing b. to know c. know

20. I'll go and thank him .... offering to held

a. about b.of c. for

21. we ... the dishwasher for three years

a. have b. have has c. have had

22. that test is .... tomorrow

a. is going done b. going to be done c. is going to be done

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1. It's travel around VN

A.interest interest C. interesting D.interested

2. "did you phone Mai?"- Oh no, I forgot. I ... her now

A. can phone B. will phone C. phoned D. phone

3. I can see the boy ... a water buffalo

A. ride B. to ride C. rode D. riding

4. ... is used to check one's eyesight

A. Eye-shade B. Eyeglass C. Eye-chart D. Eye

5. milk bottles can be .... after being cleaned

A. recycled B. reused C. done D. broken

6. my sister likes sweets ... from chocolate

A. made B. to make C. making D. make

7. people use first-aids .... ease the victim's pain and anxiety

A. in order to B. so that C. so as not to D. so that to

8. we are looking forward to ... you in June

A. be seen B. see C. saw D. seeing

9. my parents decided ... a tour round the country

A. make B. making C. to make D. makes

10. chrismas songs ... every where

A. perform B. are performing C. are performed D. is perform

11. An told me that She .... hungry

A. is B. was C. were D. has been

12. the children .... football when it started raining

A. played B. playing C. are playing D. were playing

13. " can you swim ", I asked. I asked my friend ...

A. if he could swim C. if he can swim

B. whether he can swim D. he can swim or not

14. Ba is interested .... geography

A. in B. at C. on D. about

15. Japan has a big ... industry

A. made-car B. making-car C. car-made D. car-making

16. I don't think he knows ... to connect a computer

A. what B. how C. why D. when

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