Luyện tập tổng hợp - Hỏi đáp

Chia từ trong ngoặc:

1, Hardly they (move) into the house when their friends came

2, Trade has gone from bad to worse and staff (lay) off now

3, None of the people (invite) to the party can home

4, What a pity. If only I (listen) to my parents

5, I visit new countries every year. By the time I (be) sixty, I (visit) all the most interesting countries in the world

6, It's high time you (do) the gardening. You are better off (cut) the grass first

7, The whole country is trying to get rid of (poor)

8, They are looking for the (solve) to the problem

9, During the past years,computers have been (revolution) our life

10, A true (bore) lasts throughout life

11, He was (continue) late for work

12, John is still young but he is very (rely)

13, His (complain) has been considered

14, He is ready to overcome any (hard)

15, The house is big,but it is very (comfortable)

16, What influenced you most in your (choose) of car?

17, Since he (buy) a car,he (drive) to work every day

18, I really dislike (ask) to answer questions in class when I (not prepare) my lessons

19, When we came,the film (show) for 20 minutes

20, At this time next month,they (work) in HCM city

21, George (work) at the university for forty-five years before he retired

22, Had they realized the danger,they (do) it differently

23, Don't you know that the bridge has (close) for repair

24, I (not feel) better now if you hadn't talked to me about my problem last night

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I. Put the verbs in the blackets with pasr tense or Past Progressive Continous tense.

1. I (call) Mr Wilson at 9 last night, but he (not be) at home. He (study) at the library.

2. I (not hear) the thunder during the storm last night because I (sleep).

3. It was beautiful yesterday when we went for a walk in the park. The sun (shine). The birds (sing).

4. My brother and sister (talk) about somrthing when I (walk) into the room.

5. Tom went to his friend 's house, but the boys (not be) here. They (play) soccer in the vacant lot down in the street.

6. The little boy (fall) asleep while his mother (read) him a story.

7. I really enjoyed my holiday last January. While it (snow) in Iowa, the sun (shine) in Florida.

8. While Ted (sholve) snow from his driveway yesterday, his wife (bring) him a cup of hot chocolate.

9. John (have) a car accident last week. He (drive) down the street when suddenly a lorry (hit) his car from behind .

10. Ten years ago, the government (decide) to begin the food progamme. At that btime, many people in the rural areas (starve) due to several years of drought.

11. They (wait) for me when I (arrive) at the station.

12. Shr (swim) in the sea when I (see) her.

13. They (play) tennis when it raining (start)?

14. We (drive) home from the theatre when the police (stop) us.

15. The wind (blow) very hard when I (go) out this morning.

16. When she (leave) him, he (become) quite ill.

17. I (be) looking for some photors when you rang but I (not find) them.

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