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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1. When I finish this course, I ___________ to the next level.
a. have gone b. will be c. went d. would go
2. When I ________ the novel I’ll lend it to you.
a. will finish b. will have finished c. have finished d. finished
3. By the end of the term, I ____________ all eight volumes.
a. will be reading b. read c. have read d. will have read
4. When we ___________ out, the chest cavity _______ smaller.
a. breathe/ became b. breathe/becomes
c. will breathe/ will become d. will breathe/ becomes
5. The committee _______ a report when it _________ all the available information.
a. will submit/has collected b. submits/collected
c. will submit/will collect d. will submit/ collected
6. The patient ________ after he ________ ill for a long time.
a. died/has been b. dies/ had been c. died/ had been d. will die/ will be
7. She __________ French since she _________ to Illinois.
a. had studied/came b. had studied/has come
c. has been studying/came d. studied/ came
8. Henry was packing the suitcases while his wife _______ the room.
a. was tidying b. tides c. has been tidying d. had tidied
9. Christine ________ as a nurse for seven years, then she became a teacher.
a. has worked b. has been working c. was working d. worked
10. Before we knew what was happening, the roof _________.
a. has fallen in b. will fall in c. had fallen in d. had been falling in
11. I want ________ at home tonight.
a. staying b. to stay c. stay d. stayed
12. Alice isn’t interested in ___________ for a new job.
a. look b. to look c. looks d. looking
13. We’re going out for dinner. Would you like ________ us?
a. joining b. to join c. join d. joins
14. When Beth got tired, she stopped _________.


a. working b. to work c. work d. works
15. Don’t forget ________ the letter I gave you yesterday.
a. post b. posting c. posts d. to post
16. Would you mind __________ the door? Thanks
a. opening b. open c. opens d. to open
17. The man wanted to avoid ____________ on security cameras.
a. to see b. seeing c. to be seen d. being seen
18. I tried __________ the bus, but I missed it.
a. to catch b. catching c. to be caught d. being caught
19. The plants want _________ daily.
a. to water b. watering c. to be watered d. both b and c
20. Will you remind me _________ this letter at the post office?
a. to post b. posing c. to be posted d. being posted
21. The goods ought _________ two weeks ago.
a. to deliver b. delivering c. to be delivered d. being delivered

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Put the verbs in brackets in suitable tense:

1. I (have) __________ coffee for breakfast every day.

2. They (begin) __________ to study at this school 7 years ago.

3. It (rain) rains very much in the summer.

4. Bad students never (work) word hard.

5. He (visit)______ his friend yesterday and (find) ______ that he had been out.

6. She sometimes (buy) ___________ vegetables at his market.

7. I have not seen John for a long time. I (see) __________ him 3 weeks ago.

8. It (be) is very cold now.

9. I (need) need some money for my textbooks.

10. Tom (like) likes to go to the museums.

11. He (read) __________ that novel again during his last vacation.

12. I often (leave) leave the city at weekends.

13.The sun (set)___________ in the west.

14. My friend (study) __________ English for an hour every night.

15. Honesty (is) __________ the best policy.

16. The earth (move) __________ round the sun.

17. Two and two (make) __________ four.

18. We (watch) __________ a good programme on TV last night.

19. Mary (love) loves ice-cream.

20. I (have) __________ a little trouble with my car last week.

21. We always (do) do our exercises carefully.

22. I (meet) __________ Mary last night. She’s become a very big girl.

23. She (go) __________ to school every day.

24. What he (do)_________last night ?

25. We seldom (eat) eat before 6.30.

26. She (lose) __________ her handbag on the train yesterday morning.

27. When he grew old, he often (think) ________ of all the things he had done when he (be) _________ young.

28. I always (tell) _______ you to comb your hair, but you never (do) ____ what I (say) _____ .

29. When I (hear) _______ a knock at the door last night, I (walk) ___________ to the door and (open) ___________ it. When I (open) _________the door, I (see) ________my brother. I (greet) ________ him and (ask) _______ him to come in.

30. I (see) _______ you in the school play last night. You (do) _______ a terrific acting job. Had you ever acted in a play before this one?

-Yes, I (start) _________ acting when I was in elementary school.

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I. Pick out the part of the sentences which is not correct in standard written English

1. One of the reason (a) why he is overweight (b) is that (c) he ddoesn't take morning exercises (d) 2. Was (a) he harder (b), he would pass (c) the exam easily (d) 3. I wish I have (a) a car. It would (b) make my (c) life so much easier (d) 4. These forests (a) which (b) can protect us from (c) the danger of (d) flood

5. Tom's professor (a) has had (b) him to rewrite (c) his assignment many (d) times

II. Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete the sentences

1. He expects to hear from her as soon as possible

A. He is looking forward to hear from her as soon as possible

B. He is looking forward to hearing from her as soon as possible

C. He is looking forward hear from her as soon as possible

D. He is looking forward hearing from her as soon as possible

2. Tuberculosis and pneumonia.....took an appalling toll

A. Nor B. Which C. No longer D. In fact

3. He would have told you the truth if you....him

A. Ask B. Asked C. Were asked D. Had asked

4. The air in this city is very harmful because it is really....

A. Dusty B. Polluted C. Dirty D. Fresh

5. He spent two hours repairing my motorbike

A. It took him two hours to repairing my motorbike

B. It took him two hours repairing my motorbike

C. It took him two hours to repair my motorbike

D. It took him two hours repair my motorbike

6. I couldn't find someone.... English is good

A. Who B. Whom C. Whose D. Which 7. The knife....we cut the bread with is very sharp

A. Which B. Whom C. Where D. A&B

8. Have you ever seen her...... last Sunday? A. On B. Every C. Since D. For 9. We had our living - room......

A. To wash B. Washing C. Washed D. To washed

10. My teacher said: " You should buy this book"

A. My teacher advised us to buy that book

B. My teacher advised us to buying that book

C. My teacher advised us not to buy that book

D. My teacher advised us buy that book

11. It was not until 1980....he got married with his wife

A. That B. When C. Then D. And

12. Children are often ......about cartoon films

A. Excite B. Excited C. Exciting D. Excites

13. Scientists proved that problem for a long time

A. Has been B. Had been C. Was D. Is

14. ...... my pupils learn very hard and enjoy doing homework

A. Little B. A great deal of C. Much D. Most of

15. His mother said that she....that film for 2 hours

A. Has watched B. Had watched C. Are watching D. Watched

16. Stop crying! You.....have a sweet

A. Willl B. Shall C. Won't D. Can't

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