Luyện tập tổng hợp - Hỏi đáp

Bài 1. Chia động từ hoằc dìng be going to:

1. It's very cold. I (light)...... a fire.

2. I 've bought a piano,it(be)....delivered this afternoon.

3. You (go) Michigan tomorrow.

4. I've reminded you one, I ( not do) again.

5. My niece ( come) stay with me next weekend.

6. I (spend)......a few days in Da Lat next week.

7. The Town Council ( build) ......a new school here.

8. We (take).....the children to the seaside this summer.

9. I (complete) the bicycle race tomorrow.

10. I (read) his answer to my letter of complaint.

Bài 2. Chọn và chia từ cho phù hợp:


1. We've recently studied rock .........., so we want to visit some caves .

2. All the pupils must have their go for the picnic.

3. We hope to during our holiday.

4. Tim is one of the........on a boat trip on Lake Michigan

5. I received a letter of.........from the airport.

Bài 3: Hoàn thành bức thư sau:

1. Thank you /letter/ invite/ me /go /Tuan Chau/ you /family /next weekend .

2. I/ love /you /go /but/ here /recommendations/ I /like/ make.

3. You /remember /Aunt Nga /who /my father/ younger sister?

4. She /now /live /Ha Long Bay/ and /own /small hotel /there.

5. You/ want /me/ telephone/ her /arrange /accommodation/ us?

6. Moreover /think/ we /start /trip /early /morning.

7. Why /you/ not/ pick me /5.30a.m /Saturday?

8. Then /we/ stop/ the way/ and /breakfast /roadside restaurant.

9. Let /hope /weather /be fine/ during / holiday.

10. I look forward/ hear/ you /soon.

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Bài 1. Viết lại câu

1. Our teacher was sick a week ago and he is still sick

Our teacher has......

2. I last received my brother's email five months ago

I haven't........

3. The last time I talked to him was one year ago

It has..........

4. I have never used a laptop before

It is..........

5. Has anyone ever operated this TV with a remote control before

Has this TV...........

Bài2 . Hoàn thành bài viết

1. First / sort/ dirty washing /piles

2. Then /put /clothes/ machine. Take care/ not/ overload /machine

3. Select /programme /require

4. Fill /appropriate / compartment /washing power

5. Make sure/ not/ use/ too/ powder

6. Close /door /careful /press/ red button

7. Not /attempt /open/ door/ until /programme/ be /completed

8. As soon/ machine/ stop/ remove /clothes /prevent/ creasing

Bài 3. Điền who, which, that, whose , hoặc ko có từ nào

1. What do you say to people.....ask you personal questions that you don't want to answer

2. in New York City are called New Yorker

3. Tina likes the present.....I gave her for her birthday

4. George Washington is the president......picture is on a one dollar bill

5. Have you seen the playing at the Fox Theater ?

6. Do you know the woman......Michael is engaged to?

7. That's Tom Jenkins. He's the boy.......parents live in Switzerland

8. A thermometer is an instrument......measures temperature

9. A high strug person is always nervous

10. The man........I told you about is standing over there.

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