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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Làm giúp mình với.

1.I was sorry that I ( not reply)....him before .

2. Tim ( not go) the party last night because I (forget ) tell him about it.

3. I (play)....a lot of piano recently.

4. When she (get)....home last night, everybody (have,just )....dinner.

5.She couldn't find the bag that I (lend)....her.

6. We ( not see) for ages.

7. All the items we (order)....were brought in.

8. How long (you learn)....French?

9. They (never discover )....where she (hide)....the jewellery when she was alive.

10. The film (already start)....when I (arrive )....last night.

11. It was a man that I (never meet )....before.

12. What (you do)....before you(go) University in 2006?

13. They arrived at work in the Morning and found that somebody (break)....into the Office during the night.So they (call)....the police.

14. Lisa (meet)....Brian a few weeks ago.He (just come)....bach from holiday. He ( look)....very well.

15. Yesterday Bob was very surprised when he (have)....a phone call from Ann.He (write ) her many times ,but she (never reply ) his letters.

16. He tried to phone Henry this afternoon, but there (be) answer. He (go)....out or he ( not want ) answer the phone.

17. He....the effects of radiation when he suddenly died .

A.was studying. B.studied. C.had studied. D.have studied.

18. was " easing human being".

A.really. B.real. C.true. D.right.

19.....means keep in the mìn.

A. Ease. B. Determine C. Harbour D.Dreams.

20.....means find out exectly by calculations.

A.Ease. B.Determine C.Harbour D.Dreams.

21. He is á Danang University. B.professor C.profession. a private tutor from 2000 to 2002. B.worked. C.working. D.had worked.

23. Hè mother got angry with him because he.....her glasses.

A.break. B.had broken. C.have broken. D.breaking.

24. Thank you very much to the party.

A.invite B.inviting. C.being invited be invited.

25. I...him before your party last Monday .

A.met. B.have met. D.had met.

26. People and gifts from Friends and relatives at both a birthday party and an anniversary party.

A.bring. C.receive D.take.

27.Marie took ....the position which her husband had obtained at the Sorbonne.

A.up. C.for.

28. She was the first woman in France ....a University professor. be. C.being. D.was.

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