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Giúp mình nhé Word form: Sociological research points to the theory that certain ways of positioning pr moving the body have a direct ( CORRELATE ) ................ with how one is perceived. People emit an aura of strength or power dependent on posture, gestures and eye movement. Quick, enthusiastic, (MEAN)................movements and gestures suggest a dynamic, alert person. People who look at, and maintain eye contact with their audience while conversing with them exude confidence and (FEAR)................. Somebody who is relaxed enough to stand before his audience without any (VISION)...............signs of stress exudes self-assuredness and honesty. Even though these people are comfortable in their stance, they hold themselves erect and avoid looking round-shouldered or hunched over. Being lazy with one’s posture could be (INDICATE).................of defeat, while standing tall and proud paints a picture of one who is in charge. Being conscious of one’s posture and gestures when sitting is also (CONDUCT) creating the right impression on the (HOLD)................ When one wishes to appear self-assured and knowledgeable in an important (PERSON)...............situation where sitting is required, a high, straight-backed chair should be chosen when possible. Placing and clasping the hands behind the head, with elbows stretched to the sides, adds to the impression of comfortable (ASSERT)............... It also keeps the hands under control and out of danger of (WANT)...............fidgeting.

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1. What a nuisance! I’d rather they __________ outside to smoke.
A. have gone B. going C. went D. to go
2. Has he finished the work __________? How fast!
A. still B. already C. yet D. soon
3. It __________ Peter who stole the watch. He’s a decent boy.
A. might have been B. can’t have been C. was supposed to be D. needn’t have been
4. It’s no use __________ him for money; he’s quite tight-fished.
A. to ask B. for you asking C. that you ask D. asking
5. We must have plenty of food and drinks ready __________ there are more participants.
A. in case B. provided that C. unless D. if
6. The witness described how __________ in the fight.
A. had the victim been killed B. the victim had been died C. the victim was dead D. the victim had been killed
7. The more tourists are attracted, __________.
A. the area will become richer
B. the better off the area will become
C. the more the area will become rich
D. the more well off the area will become
8. The coach, not the players, __________ for the loss of the last match.
A. are responsible B. has blamed C. are to blame D. has to take responsibility
9. No-one was absent from the meeting, __________?
A. wasn’t he B. was no-one C. were they D. weren’t they
10. On no account __________ give this information to the reporters.
A. of you to B. can you C. you should D. shouldn’t you
11. Complaints about faulty goods should be made to the seller, not to the __________.
A. author B. inventor C. supplier D. creator
12. The opening page of a book often has a(n) __________.
A. dedication B. appendix C. index D. content
13. The language the writer uses can be interpreted literally or __________.
A. descriptively B. illustratively C. figuratively D. fictionally
14. Most teenagers follow the __________ trends in fashion.
A. lately B. upward C. nearest D. current
15. People __________ that school as a prestigious one.
A. look upon B. regard with C. take to D. go in for
16. She always has her teaching experience to __________.
A. count it out B. fall back on C. come up with D. put herself down
17. They made a real __________ of that display.
A. dog’s breakfast B. Trojan horse C. frog in their throat D. cat among the pigeons
18. Investors are still __________ despite recent stock market falls.
A. in mint condition B. off their heads C. in the red D. in good heart
19. “Thanks for all your help.” ~ “__________”
A. There’s no doubt about it. B. Oh, thinking nothing of it. C. Not much to say! D. Mind your own business!
20. “I’ll do the washing-up, shall I?” ~ “__________”
A. Kid’s stuff!
B. I couldn’t agree with you less.
C. Not at all!
D. Ah, music to my ears!

1 câu trả lời
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