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Rewrite sentences

1.I don't ride the bus to school every morning because it's always so crowded (If)

2.The schoolchildren sowed some seeds, but they forgot to water them so they didn't grow (If)

3.Stop talking or you won't understand the lesson (If)

4.The wind is blowing hard, so we won't take the boat out for a ride (If)

5.Carol didn't answer the phone because she was studying (If)

6.I feel better now because you talked to me about my problems yesterday (If)

7.Because I don't have enough free time,I can't help my mother with the housework(If)

8.Rita is exhausted today because she didn't get any last night (If)

9.I didn't prepare for today's lesson: So it is difficult for me to understand the teacher's explanation (If)

10.'If I had any money I'd buy you a drink,' she said to me (reported speech)

11.'If I catch the plane I'll be home by five,'he said(reported speech)

12.'You should stay in bed if you feel unwell,'my mother said (reported speech)

13.'What would you do if you were having a problem with grammar,Jane?' Anne asked (reported speech)

14.'I'd have been in bad trouble if Jane hadn't helped me,' he said (reported speech)

15.I met her during my stay in Parist last summer (while)

16.MacKenzie wrote four best-sellers before he was twenty (By the age)

17.He was crossing the road.I caught sight of him

I noticed...............

18.Jimmy got into his car and drove away.I saw this

I saw...............

19.They had a good meal and then went to dance

After they....................

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