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Luyện tập tổng hợp - Hỏi đáp


1. They are _______tennis

A. play B. Plays C. Playing D. to playing

2. What do you do _______your free time?

A. in B . at C. to D. on

3. How _______does she read ?

A. many B. often C. long D. far

4. We go to the zoo_______a month

A. one B. one time C . once D. once time

5. My mother _______jogging every morning

A. does B. is C. goes D. plays

6. _______he like spotrs ?

A. does B. do C is D. why

7. What about _______by bike

A. go B. to go C . To going D. going

8. _______are you going to do tonight ?

A. what B. who C. which D. when

9. Mai _______cool weather

A. like B. likes C. liking D. to like

10. Which sports does he play ?

A. He plays table tennis B. he is playing table tennis

C. He is going to play table tennis D. yes , he does

11. I am going to _______the Citadel

A . come B . stay C. look D. visit

12. How many _______are there in a week ?

A. hours B . weeks C. days D. years

13. What _______ she like? She’d like a glass of milk.

A. is B. would C. do D. does

14. My sister doesn’t like fish.She _______ fruit,chocolate and vegetables.

A. like B. is like C. likes D. would

15. Is there anything to drink? I’m _______.

A. hungry B. tired C. thirsty D. cold

16. What do you _______ in your free time? I play soccer.

A. do B. go C. like D. are

17. How _______ do you brush your teeth? Twice a day.

A. many B. much C. often D. old

18. They are _______ football, now.

A. play B. playing C. watch D. watches

19. _______ sports does your brother play? Badminton and swimming

A . Who B. What C. How D. Which

20. What’s the weather like in the _______? It’s hot.

A. spring B. winter C. summer D. Fall

21. _______ sports do you play?

A. What’s B. Which C. How D. Where

22. We need a tent to go_______

A. fishing B. camping C. swimming D. jogging

23. _______ weather do you like?

A. What B. What’s C. When D. What time

24. I’m going to _______ my friends on Sundays

A. visits B. visit C. visiting D. to visit

25. Nam does________home word in the evening.

A. her b. his c. my d. your

26. Mr Ba travels to work ________motobike

A. at b. for c. in d. by

27. Lan has beautiful teeth. Her teeth are________.

A. not white b. brown c. white d. black

28. His father is not________but he is ________.

A. tall, tall b. fat, fat c. short, tall D.short, short

29. ________is the weather like?

A. how b. what c. who d. how much

30. Lan is in grade 6 and she ________at Hung Vuong school now.

1 câu trả lời

1. One of the students agree to post my letters for me

I got...

2.I'm sure he was at home last night


3. Nam's parents were here last week and gave us a present

nam's parents...

4. this is her sixth appearance on stage in our city since last year


5. They will have to change the date of the meeting again

The date of the meeting...

6. Rich as he was, he never helped the poor


7 He knows nearly everything there is to know about whales

There is....

8. She didn't work hard enough so she lost her job

The reason....

9. Their decision to compete in the event shocked everyone (came)

Their decision......

10 If only I hadn't believed his lies! (taken)

I wish....

11. Prices have increased by 5% in the price last year ( increase)


12. We finally managed to persuade my dad to let us go to the concer(in)

13. Although she couldn't speak French, Vanessa decided to move to paris


14. It is extremely difficult for them to cut down on smoking

They find....

15. People say that nuclear energy has cause lots of problems

Nuclear energy is supposed.....

16 Don't you wish you could get out more in the evenings?

Don't you get fed.....

17. You feel tired now because you didn't sleep very well last nigh


18. It was a waste of time writting that letter

I needn't......

19. marry is proud of the fact that she never late

mary prides....

20. Although the fish appears to be harmless, it is quite dangerous


21. The students really appreciate the teacher's sense of humor


22. It is acknowledge that Viet nam had a complete control over SARS from a very early stage of the epidemic

Vietnam is..........

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