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Combine the following pairs-or groups of sentences by meas of relative pronouns, making any changes necessary

1. You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it

2 She was dancing with a student. He had a slight limp

3. Iam looking after some chidren. They are terribly spoilt

4. The bed has no mattress. I sleep on this bed

5. Romeo and Juliet were lovers. Their parents hated each other

6. There wasn`t any directory in the telephone box. I was phoning from this box

7. This is Mrs Jones. Her son wn the championship last year

8. I was siiting in a chair. It suddenly collapsed

9. Mr Smith said he was too busy to speak to me. I had some specially to see him

10. The man was siiting at the desk. I had some to see his man

11. I missed the train. I usually catch this train. And I had to travel on the next. This was a slow train ( Make into one sentences)

12. His girl friend turned out to be an enemy spy. He trusted her absoluetly

13. The car had bad brakes. We were in this car. And the man didn`t know the way. This man was driving( Make into one sentences)

14. This is the story of a amn. His wìe suddenly loses her memory

15. We`ll have to get across the frontier. This will be difficult

16. a man brought in a small girl. Her hand had been cut by flying glass

17. The car crashed into a queue of people. Four of them were killed

18. The roads were crowed with refugess. many of them were wounded

19. I was waiting for a man. He didn't turn up ( The man......)

20. Tom came to the party in patched jeans. This surprised the other guests. Most of the other guests were wearing evening dress

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Viết lại câu.

1. I’m absolutely sure that they weren’t playing in this weather.

-> They can’t ………

2. Why didn’t I think of that before.

-> I should ……………..

3. She most certainly wasn’t on London on the 26th.

-> She couldn’t possibly ………..

4. I only bought the dog because my children wanted a pet.

-> If ………………….

5. It wasn’t necessary for you to go to so much trouble on my behalf.

-> You needn’t …….

6. Is there a possibility that you left the key in the door?

-> Could you ……………?

7. We couldn’t have managed without my father’s money.

-> If it …………………….

8. I’m sure you didn’t lock the front door. Here’s the key.

-> You can’t …………

9. I’m sure it was not Mrs. Elton you saw because she is in Bristol.

-> You can’t ……….

10. It was overeating that caused his heart attack.

-> If ……………………………

11. Perhaps Brian went home early.

->Brian may ………………………………

12. Diana was supposed to write to her parents last week.

-> Diana ought …………..

13. I’m sure that her success made her parents feel wonderful.

-> Her success must ………….

14. I probably forgot to mention that the deadline is Tuesday.

-> I may ………………….

15. Why didn’t they tell me about these changes earlier?

-> I should ………………..

16. I suppose it’s possible that she didn’t understand my message.

-> I suppose ………

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I/ Supply the most suitable modal verb to form the modal perfective of the verbs in brackets:

1. The students (finish) the exam. They are absolutely leaving the building.

2. He (obtain) his degree if he had wanted to, but he was too lazy to try.

3. My boss is angry with me. I didn’t do all the work that I (do) last week.

4. “Why is the ground so wet?” - “It (rain) last night.

5. If the workmen had gone on strike, they (not enjoy) better working condition.

6. As he was dying, the old man said “I (make) a lot of mistakes in my life, but I don’t regret any of them.”

7. How stupid of me to leave the map behind. I (take) it with me, and we (not get) lost.

8. It’s a good thing you didn’t lend him the money. You (never get) it back.

9. Henri was deported for having an expired visa. He (have) his visa renewed.

10. Julia was absent for the first time yesterday. She (be) sick.

11. The photos are black. The X-rays at the airport (damage) them.

12. Blanca got a parking ticket. She (not park) in a reserved spot, since she had no permit.

13. Carmencita did very well on the exam. She (study) very hard.

14. Jeanette did very badly on the exam. She (study) harder.

15. John called us as soon as his wife had he baby. He (be) very proud.

16. Eve had to pay $5.00 because she wrote a bad check. She (deposit) her money before she wrote a check.

17. John isn’t here yet. He (forget) our meeting.

18. George (go) on a trip to Chicago if he had had time.

19. John didn’t do his homework, so the teacher became very angry. He (do) his homework.

20. Where do you think Juan is today? –I have no idea. He (sleep) late.

21. Thomas received a warning for speeding. He (not drive) so fast.

22. Henry’s car stopped on the highway. It (run) out of gas.

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