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EXERCISE I: Give emphasis to the underlined words, phrases or clauses :

1/ I paid a visit to Ha Long Bay in 1966.
2/ The Socialist Republic of Vietnam came into being on July 2, 1976.


3/ Mr. Green went to work in spite of his bad cold.

- ________________________________________________

4/ When I left for work this morning, it was raining hard.

- ________________________________________________

5/ I want to see the manager; I don’t want to see his assistant.

- ________________________________________________

6/ The flight was put off because the weather was too bad.

- ________________________________________________

7/ I met Mary at the party last night.

- ________________________________________________

8/ The words do not matter so much as the way you say them.

- ________________________________________________

9/ They couldn’t solve this serious problem.

- ________________________________________________

10/ Did you start the flight or was it someone else ?

EXERCISE II : Put the underlined words or phrases at the front position :

1/ He has never in his life been so happy.

- ________________________________________________

2/ He managed to pass the examination only by hard work.

- ________________________________________________

3/ I had hardly got into the bathroom when the telephone rang.

- ________________________________________________

4/ The ball went over the fence and into our neighbour’s garden.

- ________________________________________________

5/ The doctor was so angry that none of the nurses dared to say a word.

- ________________________________________________

6/ I can’t explain the situation in another way.

- ________________________________________________

7/ He had no sooner arrived than he began to make trouble.

- ________________________________________________

8/ We have made real progress only within the last fifty years.

- ________________________________________________

9/ If the union were to call a strike, the situation would become very difficult.

- ________________________________________________

10/ This instrument is not only expensive but also useless.

EXERCISE III: Rewrite the following sentences

1/ We have never seen such a clean and tidy house before.

Never before __________________________________________

2/ Rarely does she come to see me now.

She _________________________________________________

3/ He didn’t realize he had lost his wallet until he got home.

Not until ____________________________________________

4/ My father no longer works for this company.

No longer ____________________________________________

5/ So suspicious did he become that he didn’t believe whatever she had said.

He __________________________________________________

6/ Not only did he refuse to help me but he also made fun of me.

He __________________________________________________

7/ This switch mustn’t be touched on any account.

On no account __________________________________________

8/ They know little about it.

Little _________________________________________________

9/ A great castle stood directly in front of them.

In front of them __________________________________________

10/ Were I in your place, I would refuse his invitation.

If ____________________________________________________

11/ We met him just a moment ago.

It was just ______________________________________________

12/ Many a time did he tell her that he loved her.

He ____________________________________________________

13/ An enormous frog sat on the grass.

On ____________________________________________________

14/ Please turn down the radio.

Do ____________________________________________________

15/ She wanted to buy a blue hat.

She did ________________________________________________

3 câu trả lời

Give the correct tense of the verbs

1. Jane (not be) at home yesterday evening

2. George (not, complete) the assignment yet

3. How long ago (he start) to learn French ?

4. My father usually (drink) beer after meals but now he (drink) tea

5. After he (be) ill for a long time, he (die) last year

6. My children (watch) TV when I (come) back from work

7. I (see) a bad accident while I (wait) for you on this corner

8. As soon as he (get) a certificate in English, he will apply for a job

9. When I looked round the door, the baby (sleep) quietly

10. She is very absent-minded: she (lose) her cell phone three times

11. I was sure that I (meet) him before

12. Nothing (change) in this town since I first visited it

13. While they (dance) in the hall, the light (go) out

14. This is the first time I (be) to this country

15. Today is Thursday and she (be) late twice this week. She (be) late yesterday and on Monday

16. Last month my brother (send) me his photos. He (send) me his photos every year

17. What (you, do) since you left school ?

18. Sometimes I get up before the sun (rise)

19. After Jessica (finish) her degree, she intends to work in her father's company

20. By the time the police arrived, the house (be) burned down

21. I won't leave until she (come) back

22. They (begin) to study at this school 7 years ago

23. Listen ! Someone (knock) the door

24. He often (listen) to classical music whenever he (have) free time

25. They (not go) to the library last Sunday

26. Tom (not, speak) to me since he (arrive)

27. So far this week there (be) three burglaries in our street

28. Susan (send) a letter to her university last month after she (receive) her scholarship check

29. Be quiet ! My parent (work) in the room

30. My mother (be) in hospital for a long time and she cannot go home yet

31. Tim (play) chess when I (come) to visit him yesterday

32. You (see) Robert lately ?

33. When I was a child, I (play) the violin

34. John will buy that book as soon as he (receive) his money next week

35. Linh's brother (lose) his job last month and since then he (be) out of work

36. As soon as she (save) one hundred million dongs, she will retire from work

37. When she was a little girl, every weekend (seem) ideal

38. How many times you (be) to Ho Chi Minh City ?

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