Đào Thu Hiền
25 tháng 5 2020 lúc 21:56

1. The newspaper is on the shelf

There is a newspaper on the shelf.

2. You have to pay $7 for each ticket

Each ticket costs $7

3. I have never seen a more beautiful building

It is the most beautiful building I've ever seen.

4. Many people are frightened of growing old

Growing old makes people frightened.

6. She cooked the soup in half an hour

It took her half an hour to cook the soup.

7. He often gets up early

He is used to getting up early.

8. He is a fast and careless driver

He drives fast and carelessly.

9. No one in the class is taller than Peter

Peter is the tallest student in my class.

10. " when did you arrive in England ?" Maria asked Juan

Juan asked Maria when she had arrived in England.

11. "I miss my family" said Maria

Maria said she missed her family.

12. I could not move this heavy table

Thia heavy table couldn't be moved by me.

13. Do not cross the street outside the zebra crossing, Mary

Peter told Mary not to cross the street outside the zebra crossing.

14. Shall we eat out tonight ?

Let's eat out tonight.

15. The builing has fifteen storeys

It is a fifteen-storey building.

16. His hours has five rooms

There are five rooms in his house.

17. The police caught the thief yesterday

The thief was caught by the police yesterday.

19. You should go to the dentist

Why don't you go to the dentist?

20. My mother cooks well

My mother is a good cook.

21. Mary said to me " I was you and your sister at the post office yesterday mornig"

Mary told me she had been me and my sister at the post office the previous morning.

22. You'd better stop smoking

I advise you to stop smoking.

23. "Where were you yesterday, John ?" Said Mary

Mary asked John where he had been the day before.

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10 tháng 4 2020 lúc 19:33

Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest In each of the following questions

1. A, ghost B, locate C, joke D, modern

2. A, primary B, hike C, linguistics D, divide

3. A, further B, ethnic C, sunbathing D, therefore

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Phú Khang Đào
4 tháng 4 2020 lúc 17:30

1. reached

2. beauty

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6 tháng 4 2020 lúc 17:21


2.beautician (chỉ nghề,người)

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Quách Hà Vy
5 tháng 4 2020 lúc 19:41


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Phú Khang Đào
4 tháng 4 2020 lúc 15:10

1. meeting


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Võ Bảo Vân
4 tháng 4 2020 lúc 16:05
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Quách Hà Vy
5 tháng 4 2020 lúc 19:44

1.meeting 2.beautified

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Đào Thu Hiền
3 tháng 4 2020 lúc 16:14

1. pleasure

2. educational

3. preparation

4. increased

5. broad

6. unhealthy

7. flight

8. encourages

9. independent

10. completely

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Phú Khang Đào
28 tháng 3 2020 lúc 12:03








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Hoàng Thúy An
7 tháng 3 2020 lúc 23:16

Find each blank with a word/phrase in the box

-Substance light pollution Earth's surface water

-dumping -temperature

-poison -waste -acid

-surprised poisonous

-air pollution

1,if this factory continues...poison .... into the lake ,all the fish anh other aquatic animals will die

2,I think there is..air pollution..... around here because all trees and plants turn yellow and dry

3,when thermal pollution happens,the...water rivers,lakes and oceans changes

4,soil pollution happens when people destroy the...Earth’s surface.....

5,poison is a...substance...that can make people or animals ill or kill them if they eat or drink it

6,they are all...surprised..... to see that all the fish they grow on their farm are dead

7,you can see stars at night on the countryside because there isn't any....light pollution.... there

8,many households around the West lake dump..waste....into it so the water is polluted

9,the vegetable price is increasing because the....acid... rain has caused damage to almost vegetable in this area

10,the...poisonous....chemical waste in this factory is dumped into the river so its water now becomes almost black

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Võ Châu Minh Ngọc
8 tháng 3 2020 lúc 19:44

A, A, D, B, A

(mik nghĩ v) lolang

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Hoàng Thúy An
20 tháng 2 2020 lúc 17:54

1 i made my mum a promised that i would work hard this year

2 Simon asked me to open the door for him

3 the judge told the jury take into account the man's past life

4 i regret not looking at the hotel room before i booked it

5 i find it hard to keep up with my brother on walking holidays

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