A Closer Look 1 - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?



1. The soil becomes ____________________ because of the use of so many pesticides and fertilizers. (contaminate)

2. ____________________ waste spills can contaminate groundwater. (industry)

3. In many developing countries, water pollution is usually a leading cause of ______________________. (die)

4. ___________________ elements have been found in both ground and underground water sources. (pollute)

5. Fish and many other animals are killed by __________________ in their habitats. (pollute)

6. Astronomers are concerned about light pollution because they have __________________ in viewing activities in the sky and outer space. (difficult)

7. __________________ habitats have been destroyed in recent years. (nature)

8. A number of cleaning products contain _________________ chemicals. (harm)

9. Water samples collected at these villages were seriously __________________ with bacteria. (comtanimate)

10. People believe that the _________________ water has brought cancer to the local residents. (pollute)

11. Light pollution makes us __________________ to see the stars in the sky. (able)

12. Noise is considered as ____________________ pollution. (environment)

13. The ___________________ of lakes, rivers, oceans or underwater causes water pollution. (contaminate)

14. The street doesn’t look __________________ because it has a lot of rubbish. (attract)

15. Are all types of pollution __________________ to the health of human and animals. (harm)

16. The ____________________ are concerned about the oil spills in East Sea. (environment)

17. Dumping ____________________ waste into the lakes and rivers has caused serious water pollution. (industry)

18. Many people in this area have cholera because they drink ___________________ water. (treat)

19. Examples of primary __________________ are exhaust fumes from cars, soot from smoke. (pollute)

20. If we use water __________________, more people will have fresh water. (care)

21. The polluted water results in the __________________ of many aquatic animals and plants. (die)

22. Both French and English are ____________________ languages in Canada. (office)

23. NSW is the ___________________ of New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia. (abbreviate)

24. Do you know that the telephone, the television, and penicillin are Scottish ___________________? (invent)

25. Visitors can spend __________________ days exploring amazing natural beauty of New Zealand. (end)

26. There are different kinds of __________________ provided throughout Disneyland. (entertain)

27. Scotland is a __________________ land and this is noted for its rich and interesting history. (legend)

28. Niagara Falls, on the border of the USA and Canada, is one of the most ___________________ scenery in the world. (spectacle)

29. There are many tourist _____________________ in London such as British Museum, London Eye and Tower of London. (attact)

30. We’ll take the early _____________________ from Sydney to Wellington. (fly)

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1. A koala (spend) __________________ about 18-20 hours sleeping in tree forks.

2. It’s only my first week in Wales, and I (see) ___________________ so many interesting things already.

3. The number of kiwis in this area (decrease) ___________________ quickly.

4. The Aborigines (live) ________________ in Australia for more than 40,000 years.

5. Most European citizens (not have) _________________ to apply for a visa to visit Canada.

6. At the moment, thousands of people (gather) _________________ in Trafalgar Square, London.

7. The kangaroo (become) __________________ a symbol of Australia since 1773.

8. The bald eagle, an American symbol, (not live) ____________________ in any other places besides North America.

9. I think Mr. Viet (not be) ___________________ to Northern Ireland yet.

10. The Taylors (not stay) _____________________ in New York now. They moved to San Francisco last month.

11. Canada (be) __________________ made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories.

12. Australia (have) ____________________ a wide range of different landscapes.

13. Annually, the National Eisteddfod festival of Wales (take) ____________________ place at the start of August.

14. The statue of Liberty (welcome) ___________________ over 12 million immigrants entering the USA through New York Harbor since 1900.

15. Each of the 50 states (adopt) ___________________ an official state flower so far.

16. Since 1965, the maple tree with the leaves (become) __________________ the most well-known Canadian symbol.

17. At present, the National Cherry Blossom Festival (occur) _________________ in Washington, D.C.

18. Maori (be) ___________________ recognized as an official language of New Zealand since the Maori language Act of 1978.

19. In Canada, New Year’s Day ____________________ a long tradition of celebration. (have)

20. First names ___________________ used more frequently in Australia than in other countries. (be)

21. Recently, many places in New Zealand ___________________ called with two names. (be)

22. Maoria people __________________ the hongi- touching noses – to greet people they ________________ safe and familiar with. (use – feel)

23. Since its beginning more than a century ago, the slouch hat _________________ one of the most distinctive items of Australian clothing. (become)

24. For over 130 years, Akubra hats ____________________ its legendary stories in Australia. (make)

25. Ireland ___________________ the Eurovision Song contest seven times. (win)

26. In Canada you should maintain eye contact while you ___________________ hands. (shake)

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EX 1 : Choose the correct answer.
1. Do you mind ________ the air-conditioner? It is too cold.
A. turn on B. turn off C. turning on D. turning off
2. Sitting too long in front of the computer makes your eyes _______.
A. tired B. harm C. boring D. relax
3. When you game online, be careful when you make friend with ________.
A. girls B. boys C. strangers D. your classmates
4. Anna prefers _______TV to _________ books.
A. watching/ reading B. watch/ read C. watching/ read D. watch/ reading
5. The phrase "window shopping" means:
A. buying a window B. just looking without intending to buy
C. going shopping through the window D. buying so many things at the same time
6. Do you fancy ________origami?
A. making B. make C. doing D. do
7. The sentence "c u 2moro" means:
A. See you tomorrow. B. Nice to meet you
C. See you later D. Let me see
8. I hate __________ up late to do homework.
A. staying B. stay C. get D. getting
9. My younger brother used to detest ______ fish, but now he likes doing it.
A. eats B. ate C. eating D. eat
10. Mai enjoys __________ to music, especially pop music in her free time.
A. hearing B. playing C. listening D. talking
11. My grandparents love ______________ very much. There are a lot of beautiful flowers and
fresh vegetables in their garden.
A. doing garden B. doing gardening C. do gardening D. to do garden
12. You should avoid ___________ too much TV. It’s not good for your eyes.
A. seeing B. looking C. watching D. glancing
13. Nga likes ___________ with her close friend on Saturday evenings. She feels relaxing.
A. window shop B. window to shop C. window shops D. window shopping
14. Lan used to love ____________ in front of the computer for hours but now she doesn’t. She
takes part in a judo club.
A. using B. sitting C. doing D. having
15. Minh is a very hard-working boy. He doesn’t mind __________ a lot of homework in the
A. making B. reading C. seeing D. doing
16. Do you fancy __________ around the West Lake with me this Sunday morning?
A. going B. having C. staying D. moving
17. I don’t like _________ up early in the winter days. I love _______ in bed late.
A. getting/stay B. get/ stay C. getting / staying D. get/ staying
18. Mai’s dad likes ______ spring rolls when her family has parties.
A. doing B. making C. cooking D. trying

19. Why don’t we _________ our parents with some DIY projects? I think it is useful.
A. help B. do C. make D. give
20. Most students are interested in _________sports.
A. to play B. playing C. play D. plays
EX 2 :Give the correct form of verb in the brackets.
1. Would you like (see) her? I'm sure you will like her.
2. Do you mind (lend) me a pencil?
3. Do you prefer (read) novels or (watch) TV?
4. I liked (read) Doraemon comics when I (be) a child.
5. Nick enjoys (watch) action movies in his free time.
6. I don't mind (do) my homework but I hate (spend) all night on it.
7. I used to (get up) early when I was young.
8. Mai likes (sew) her own dress and she wears the things she makes.
9. My younger brother used to hate (go) swimming but now he loves it.
10. Nick enjoys (listen) to the melodies of Vietnamese folk songs.
Exercise 3: To infinitive or gerund
1. I enjoy_______ alone.
a. be b. being c. to be d. to have been
2. Would you like_______ to the party?
a. to come b. come c. coming d. to have come
3. Do you mind_______ such a long way to work everyday?
a. to travel b. travel c. to have traveled d. traveling
4. I don’t like that house. I would hate_______ there.
a. live b. living c. to live d. to have lived
5. Sometimes I'd like_______ to play the piano.
a. to learn b. learn c. learning d. to have learned
6. Please remember_______ this letter.
a. to post b. post c. posting d. to have posted

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1.- The fire ………………………… (already/reach) the roof by the time the firemen arrived.

2.-Joe Smith went to prison because he …..…………. (steal) a lot of money.

3.-Helen went to bed after she …………………… (watch) her favourite TV programme.

4.-My father bought the new car after he ……………….. (try) it a few times.

5.-By the time Sonia got to the party, everyone ……………………. (begin) dancing.

6.-Lorenzo …………………….. (eat) all the ice cream before I opened the fridge.

7.-There was a lot of snow outside because it ……………….. (snow) earlier in that day.

8.-Beatriz didn’t pass the test because she ………………….. (not study) at all.

9.-Look! Somebody …………………… (leave) the windows open.

10.-By the time the police arrived, the burglar ……………….. (break)into my neighbour’s house.

11.-The girl felt guilty because she …………………. (drink) all the milk.

12.-Our flat was robbed because we …………………. (not lock) the front door.

13.-My father couldn’t find the money because he …………….. (hide) it in a drawer.

14.-Leonard didn’t have money for the bus because he …………. (forget) to ask his mother.

15.- My cousin ………………… (never/visit) a mine until his father took him one day.

16.-Her bicycle wasn’t there because a friend ……………..… (take) it without asking her.

17.-Daniel was arrested after he …….…………… (escape) from prison.

18.-When Kathy met Jonathan, he ………………….. (join) the Navy.

19.- Before they arrived at the airport, they …………….. (pay) the taxi driver.

20.-His dog …………………. (die) two weeks ago. He was very sad.

When I arrived home, my mother ____________ (try) to call me.

She ____________ (call) twice before seeing me.

We ____________ ( study) those papers when John told us about the test.

You ____________ ( do) your home work.

We had no car by the end of the year. We ____________ (sell) our old one.

I spoke to Susan at noon; someone ____________ (tell) her the news earlier.

The plane ____________ (take off) when we got to the airport.

I was so tired last night. I ____________ (have) such a terrible day.

The shop was closed because the shop assistant ………………………..(leave) before closing time.

The robbers ____________ (steal) all the money when the alarm rung.

1) When I arrived at the cinema, the film ____________________ (start).

2) She ____________________ (live) in China before she went to Thailand.

3) After they _____________ (eat) the shellfish, they began to feel sick.

4) If you ________________ (listen) to me, you would have got the job.

5) Julie didn’t arrive until after I ____________________ (leave).

6) When we ____________________ (finish) dinner, we went out.

7) The garden was dead because it _____________ (be) dry all summer.

8) He ____________________ (meet) her before somewhere.

9) We were late for the plane because we ___________ (forgot) our


10) She told me that she _____________ (study) a lot before the exam.

11) The grass was yellow because it _____________ (not / rain) all summer.

12) The lights went off because we ___________________ (not / pay) the

electricity bill.

13) The children ____________(not / do) their homework, so they were in trouble.

14. They ___________________ (not / eat) so we went to a restaurant.

15) We couldn’t go into the concert because we _____________ (not/bring) our tickets.

16) She said that she _______________ (not / visit) the UK before.

17) Julie and Anne _________________ (not / meet) before the party.

18) I ___________________ (not / have) breakfast when he arrived.

19) He ___________________ (not / use) email before, so I showed him how to

use it.

20) You ___________________ (not / study) for the test, so you were very


1. I ____________ (translate) the text before the bell.

2. She ____________ (do) her lessons by the evening.

3. He ____________ (clean) his room by five o’clock.

4. We ____________ (speak) to him before the meeting.

5. Mother ____________ (cook) dinner by seven o’clock.

6. Her son ____________ (not do) the homework by nine o’clock.

7. She ____________ (not make) a dress before party.

8. What ____________­­­­­______ (they do) by three o’clock?

9. Who ____________ (not write) the task before the bell?

10. Why ______________ (you not sweep) before your mother’s coming?

11. __________________ (your child go) to bed by ten o’clock?

12. __________________ (you reach) your house before the sunset?

13. __________________ (they receive) the letter by that time?

14. Why __________________ (they not have) lunch by 12 o’clock?

15. We ______________ (have) dinner by 8 o’clock.

16. They ______________ (start) a fire before the sunset.

17. He ________________ (not teach) me before.

18. I was upset because I __________ (lose) my keys.

19. Native Americans ______________ (not use) wheels before 1492.

20. I _____________________ (finish) doing the housework before they came.

21. She _________________ (make) a cake by 6 o’clock.

22. Mr Havers was no longer there. He __________ (leave) the school six years before.

23. When Ben was at the school, __________ (not build) the games oom yet.

24. Miss Smith was now Mrs Smith, and Miss Brown, the Maths teacher, __________ (become) Mrs Rossi. They __________ (marry) othe teachers several years before.

25. Ben’s lovely old wooden desk wasn’t there any more. The school __________ (buy) new plastic ones.

26. His old classroom was no longer grey. It __________ (be) painted green.

27. Ben didn’t meet his old form teacher. She _____ _____ (die) in 2008.

Choose the best answer for each sentence

1. I was sure that I _______ the woman before.

a) seen b) had seen c) have seen d) has see
2. Tim wanted to know what _______ to his backpack.

a) have happened b) happened c) had happened d) happens
3. Marcia ______ by the time we got there.

a) left b) leaves c) have left d) had left
4. I realized that I ________ the wrong book from the library.

a) had taken b) took c) have taken d) take

5. Melissa ate the cake that I ______.

a) baked b) have bake c) bake d) had baked
6. The teacher asked why I _______ class early.

a) have left b) left c) had left d) leave
7. What did Andrew say that he __________ with my Cd?

a) had done b) did c) have done d) has done

8. At the party Susan ________ some cake.

a) have ate b) have eaten c) has ate d) has eaten

9. The teacher corrected the composition I ____.

a) have wrote b) have written c) had written d) has written
10. The last time I was there it _________ a very good restaurant.

a) had been b) have been c) been d) be
Final del formulario

11. Principio del formulario1. 1.1

Sam washed the car after he ______it with gas.

a) had filled b) have filles c) fills d) filled

12. Frank left the table after he _______ eating.

a) finishes b) have finished c)finish d)had finished

13. By the time my wife came home, I ______ the laundry

a) do b) had done c) did d) have done

14. I went to work after I _______ dog.

a) had walked b) walks c) have walked d) walks

15. Susan was late. By the time she got to school the class _______ already.

a) have started b) starts c) was starting d)had started

16. We watched TV after our daughter _______ to bed.

a) had gone b) go c) have went d) goes

17. We _____ that car for ten years before we sold it.

a) have b) did have c) had d) had had

18. By the time Maria finished her report, she _______ working on the computer for over three hours.

a) be b) has c) had been d) have been

19. She ______ Victoria once in 1993 before she moved there in 1996.

a) visit b) have visited c) had visited d) visits

20. Ming _____ as a carpenter before he was laid off.

a) works b) have worked c) work d) had worked

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