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1.No matter how hard I explain, she doesn’t seem to _________.

A. take it in            B. put it through               C. take it on                D.put it in

2.______________ Honors Linear Algebra that most students in my class failed the test.

A.So was complex    B.So complex was         C.Such complexity was      D.Was so complex

3.Find someone who will let you talk things through, or _________ that, write your thoughts down.

A.given                   B.except                              C. for all of                   D.failing

4.His poor handling of the business __________ on negligence.

A.bordered             B.approached                     C.edged                        D.relied

5.I would as _____________ stay in – I’m not feeling well enough to go out.

A.well                    B.soon                                   C.such                           D.rather

6.This is the man ___________ will help us with the project.

A. whose              B.who                                     C.which                         D.whom

7.He is a specialist ________ modern Vietnamese culture.

A. of                                                                            D.on

8.The population of the world is growing at an alarming __________.

A.speed               B.velocity                                C.rate                             D.step

9.Most children prefer to play ____________ do their homework.                     B.rather than                          C.from                           D.rather

10.Children these days hardly study at home, ________?

A.don’t they             B.don’t them          children      they

11.What ________ make is your car? It is ________ Lexus.

A.the/a                      B.a/a                                C.-/a                                D.a/-

12.With greatly increased workloads, almost everyone is _________ pressure now.

A. out of          for                             C.under                          D.on

13. She attempted to ___________ the precious stone from the museum but she was caught red-handed.

A. rob                                        B.steal                                   C.thief                                   D.kidnap

14.A:”Will Emelyn be invited to the party?” – B:”I __________.”

A. expect not so            expect                           C.expect so                           D.don’t expect

15.I enjoying watching that film. It was rather sad, __________.

A.though                                  B.also                                                                  D.but

16.My job is so _____________ that I don’t think I’ll be able to take a summer break.

A.persisting                           B.hard                                     C.demanding                         D.tough

17.Nobody, even the best doctors, expected Kasper’s ____________ to be so quick and successful after so severe an accident.

A.recuperation                    B.renewal                                C.remuneration                     D.reincarnation

18.This fascinating book covers some of the most _________ crimes of the twentieth century.

A.covered                            B.hidden                                  C.unknown                              D.infamous

19.When the students got _____________ the test, he gave it to the teacher.

A.over with                       B.through at                      in                                    D.through with

20. The ___________ of the building of the new supermarket are doing everything they can to prevent the project from starting.

A.advocates                     B.precursors                             C.opponents                          D.dependants



Encouraging 'green' products can be a (1)______ business amongst Britain's retailers. In the past, the emphasis was on (2)________ foods of artificial additives, but now the key-word is the 'environment' and retailers are all out to capture this rapidly expanding market. An approach is being made on three levels. Shoppers are being won (3) _______ to be more environmentally friendly and use recycled paper or CFC-free aerosols, while shops are called (4) ______ to open new branches on derelic sites or in rundown urban areas. Manufacturers, in turn, must take head of packaging so that it is less wasteful. However, noone is willing to sacrifice custom for the environment. If new 'green' goods cost more, shoppers will turn their noses up at them. Just like organic produce, which is so (6) ______ expensive that it is out of most people's reach.

1, a, prosperous     b, wealthy      c, lucrative   d, commercial

2,  a, depriving         b, removing     c, separating     d, ridding

3,  a, at     b, over      c, by      d, in

4,  a, out        b, in         c, on          d, up

5, a, frightfully    b, largely      c, utterly       d, absolutely


The Unwanted Party.

I arrived in my grandparents’ house for lunch and found the room fully of people I didn’t know. I saw many people talking happily and there was a pausement in the talk when I passed by. I thought: “So nervous, I’m being looked at in by hundreds of eyes”. As I heard someone ask me my name, I thought: “They must have recognized how nervous am I”. After that I avoided looking to their eyes and looked around for someone I knew, but at vain. I wondered if I would ever been able to have something to say. This made it harder for me to attend in the conversation so I kept silence all the time. I looked away for a way of leaving early, hoping that I could disappear without drawing so much attention to myself.


1. _ _ _ _ _ _ting a Gmail account requires your private phone number and a unique address to distinguish you from another people.

2. “Ve nha di con”, the film which is shown at g_ _ _ time slot on VTV1 every nights, is coming to the end.

3. Dong Xuan a_ _ _ _ is the place that usually known as foodie paradise.

4. Now the environment is being polluted and all individuals are r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for the environment.

5. If she accepts your card and _ _ _ _s on Valentine day, thing will be very much helpful.

6. He speaks English like a _ _ _ _ _ _ English speaker.

7.You can have _ _ _ _ _ers for free drinks during your visit to our garden.

8. – “He is going to leave for the new school”.

- “We should celebrate a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ party for him”.

9. Allan was nervous as he walked onto the stage, but he took a _ _ _ _ breath and began to sing.

10. That kind of music leaves me _ _ _ _. I’m afraid.


1.He was _______________ into the phone, giving orders to one of his employees. ( LOW )

2.The father in that house is rumored to be cruel and ____________. ( DOMINATE )

3.He bowed to us with elaborate _____________. ( COURTEOUS )

4.They hit the little boy ______________. ( MERCY )

5.This has been an unusually __________________ remark for you. ( COMPLIMENT )


1, A lot of audience thought the performance of the band was good. ( Standard)

=> Many commented on _______________________________________________.

2, Whatever happens, I will never help him with that work again.

=> Under no ________________________________________________________________.

3, We hope they will do the renovations earlier than expected. (Completed)

=> We hope the renovations ____________________________________ schedule.

4, Nobody expected Elena to resign. (Came)

=> Elena's __________________________.

5, There are twice as many girls as boys studying here. (Outnumber)

=> Girls________________________________________________________________.

6, You would feel better if you went on a vacation. (Do)

=> A _______________________________________________________________good.

7, I expected the book to be far better because it had been written by such a famous novelist. (Short)

The book ______________________________________________________________________.

8, The picnic will be postponed if it rains. (Event)

=> In _____________________________________________________________________.

9, "There's no way I will give up pursuing to become an astronaut!" Jasmine said. (Giving)

=> Jasmine said _____________________________________________________question.

10, Lize gets on very well with her boyfriend's parents. (Terms)

=> Lize ___________________________________________________________________.