Cuộc thi Tiếng Anh do Trịnh Đức Minh tổ chức

Vòng 3 - Chung kết



I) Choose the best answer which pronunced differently from others:


A. vision           

B. decision            

 C. compulsion            

D. provision


A. though           

B. cough                

C. rough                       

D. tough


A. development


C. necessary

D. influence

III) Choose the best answer which is stressed differently from the others:


A. hotel

B. idea

C. police

D. threaten


A. category

B. compulsory

C. slavery

D. veterinary

II) Choose the best answer :

1. She is the singer about __________ I often tell you.

A. that

B. who

C. whom

D. him

2. The concert __________ I listened last week was boring.

A. to that

B. to which

C. for what

D. for which

3. That's the girl to __________ my brother got engaged.

A. which

B. whom

C. who

D. her

4. I like the village __________ I used to live.

A. in that

B. in where

C. which

D. in which

5. The girl __________ I borrowed the dictionary asked me to use it carefully.

A. whose

B. from whom

C. from whose

D. whom

6. If people's interference _________ the environment decreases, more species will survive and produce off-spring.

A. of

B. in

C. on

D. from

7. The most important thing we should do now is to tackle the problem of widespread _________.

A. illiterate

B. illiteracy

C. literate

D. literacy

8. "How brave you are!" my mother said to me.

A. My mother praised me for my courage.

B. My mother blamed me for my discouragement.

C. My mother criticized me for my discouragement.

D. My mother asked me how brave I was.

9. "I would be grateful if you did the work" he said to me.

A. He politely asked me to do the work.

B. He flattered me because I did the work.

C. He thanked me for doing the work.

D. He felt great because I did thw work.

10. I attended the meeting on time _________ I missed the bus.

A. even though

B. despite

C. because 

D. however

11. I must say that you have done very well. _________ , you should be aware that you still have lots of thing to learn.

A. Therefore

B. So

C. But

D. However

12. He is only sixteen, and _________, he is not eligible to drive a car.

A. nevertheless

B. but

C. therefore

D. however

13. Tim hasn't been working hard; he won't _________ his examinations.

A. get off

B. get through

C. keep up

D. keep off

14.  Every teacher and every student ________ their own work.

A. have

B. had

C. has

D. are having

15. Most of my students ________ females.

A. is

B. are

C. not

D. used to

16. ________ is rich in Vitamin C.

A. The orange

B. Every orange

C. An orange

D. Oranges

17. The man : “I’m so sorry for acting badly with you”

The lady :

A.That’s very kind of you.

B. I do apologize.

C. That’s perfectly all right.

D. Anytime.

18. She prefers tea to coffee.

A. She’d rather drink tea than drink coffee.

B. She’d prefer drink tea rather than drink coffee.

C. She’d prefer to drink tea rather than to drink coffee.

D. She’d like to drink tea than drink coffee.

19. If you put that money into that business, you risk ________ every penny.

A. to lose

B. lose

C. of losing

D. losing

20. It is undeniable that modern industry ________ our life.

A. make difference on

B. put effect in

C. has impact on

D. does influence over

21. You helped me, _______________ , I couldn’t have passed the exams.

A. but for

B. if not

C. or else

D. thanks to

22. Although he studied hard, he failed the exams.

A. In spite of his studying hard, he failed the exams.

B. Studied hard, he failed the exams.

C. No matter how hard he study, he failed the exams.

D. The exams was too hard for he to do.

23. You must study hard to pass this exam.

A. If you want to pass this exam, you’d study hard.

B.  This exam is easy so you don’t have to study hard.

C. So hard is the exam that you don’t have to study hard.

D. Only by studying hard can you pass the exam.

24. Articles, prepositions, auxiliary verbs are ________.

A. hard words

B. contented words

C. functional words

D. kinds of words

25. What you’ve said _________ me sad.

A. made

B. had made

C. make

D. makes

26. A/an is ____________________.

A. a kind of articles.

B. Define articles

C. Indefinite articles.

D. Definite articles.

27. ____________ computers have great effects on our life.

A. A

B. The

C. Every

D.  Ø

28. I feel like watching this cartoon.

A. I prefer watching this cartoon.

B. I feel to love this cartoon.

C. I fancy watching this cartoon.

D. I love this program.

29. She usually took her children to the circus.

A. She got used to taking her children to the circus.

B. She took her children to the circus usually.

C. She used to take her children to the circus.

D. She often took her children to the circus in the past, now she doesn’t.

30. “Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.” Is the speech of :

A. Albert Enstein

B. Pythagoras

C. Fontenelle

D. George Washington


1. The last time I saw her was we left for school.

-> I ______________________________________.

2. This is the most interesting film I have ever watched.

-> I ______________________________________.

3. People say that he likes rock music.

-> It ______________________________________.

-> He ______________________________________.

4. Although he studied hard, he failed the exams.

-> Regardeless ______________________________________.

5. As she was sick, she didn’t go to school.

-> Because ______________________________________.

-> On account of ______________________________________.

6. She did her best to get over AIDS.

-> She ______________________________________. (recover)

-> ______________________________________. (recovery)

7.  He won’t be able to do that work tonight.

-> It ______________________________________.

8. John killed the dog yesterday.

-> It was John ______________________________________.

-> It was the dog ______________________________________.

-> It was yesterday ______________________________________.

9. She studies at the University of Texas.

-> She studies ______________________________________.

10.  Because of his impoliteness, we couldn’t succeed in persuading her.

-> On account of ______________________________________.

11. Your house is so beautiful !

-> You have ______________________________________.

12. “You should go to the beach” I said to them

-> I suggested that ______________________________________.

 13. It’s difficult for me to fight against four people in the tournament.

-> Fighting ______________________________________.

-> I find it ______________________________________.

14. I’m crying because of you.

-> I’m ______________________________________.

15. I called you as soon as I got the news.

-> Scarely ______________________________________.

16. It was not until the mother came home that the boy did his homework.

-> Not until ______________________________________.

17. The Iphone can’t light if you don’t put pressure on it.

-> Only when ______________________________________.

18.  She studies very well, everyone admires her.

-> So well ______________________________________.

19. The dog is sleeping under the table.

-> Under ______________________________________.

20. “Remember to lock the door before leaving, John” she said.

-> She reminded ______________________________________.

21. “You’d better do your homework” the teacher said to me.

-> The teacher advised ______________________________________.

22. “Come and join with us tonight !” they said to her.

-> They invited ______________________________________.

23. “Yes, I broke your windows” he said to her.

-> He ______________________________________.

24. “I want to become a doctor” she said.

-> She ______________________________________.

25. “I’m sorry. I didn’t phone you last night” he said to me.

-> He ______________________________________.

26. Although she did the test carefully, she still made some mistakes in it.

-> No matter ______________________________________.

27. I regret taking your advice in the first place.

-> Had ______________________________________.

28. If you hadn’t helped me, I couldn’t have passed the exams.

-> But for ______________________________________.

-> If it hadn’t been for ______________________________________.

-> Had ______________________________________.

29. If you study hard, you won’t fail the exams.

-> Supposing that ______________________________________.

30. I’m tired of watching him playing video games.

->I’m bored ______________________________________.

-> I’m fed ______________________________________.