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Pick out the word whose underlined part in pronounced differently from each others 1 A.there B.thank C.youth D.thirsty 2 B.mall C.nature D.face
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Pick out the word whose underlined part in pronounced differently from each others

1 A.there B.thank C.youth D.thirsty

2 B.mall C.nature D.face

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1 A there 

2 B mall

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Where you underlined ?

But I think :

1. A                                         2. B

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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 1. a. please b. read c. head d. teacher 2. a. ears b. eyes c. hands d. cheeks 3. a. funny b. curious c. chubby d. lunch 4. a. confident b. kind c. nice d. reliable 5. a. shy b. pretty c. curly d. pony III. Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete the sentence. 1. My kids spend hours chatting ______ the phone ______ their friends. a. at - with b. on - to - with d. in - about 2. Could you turn the television ______? I want to watch the news. a. on b. off c.down d. up 3. My best friend ______ a round face and big eyes. a. have b. has d. gets 4. My brother is really ______. He always does his homework. a. hard-working        b. serious            c.confident                             d. patient 5. When eating, most Vietnamese people hold chopsticks in their right ______.      a. arm                   b. leg                         c. finger                       d. hand 6. Which do you prefer, straight hair or ______ hair? a. long        b. blonde              c. curly               d. thick 7. The kids are ______ their tricycles around the playground. a. playing b. riding c. taking d. driving 8. Norman is very shy, but his brother is ______. a. easygoing b. calm c.patient d. outgoing 9. ______ explain this grammar for me, please? ~ Sure. a. Can you        b. Could you please       c. Would you like     d. Would you mind 

10. Would you like to come for dinner tonight? - ______ a. Yes, certainly            . b. I’d love to. Thanks.     c. Not at all.         d. No, thanks. IV Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. 1. We ________________ (have) a staff meeting next Monday. 2. Lisa ________________ (wear) her uniform every school day. 3. What time ________________ (you/ meet) Mathew tomorrow? 4. Tom and Mary ________________ (run) because they’re late for school. 5. My father ________________ (not drink) coffee very often. 6. I enjoy ________________ (read) books and ________________ (play) sports. 7. Would you like ________________ (go) to the movies with me? 8. I ________________ (not work) today. I’m on holiday. 9. We ________________ (not want) to go to the movies tonight. 10. A: What ________________ (Tony/ do) this Sunday? B: He ________________ (do) the gardening with his Dad. VI. Match the sentences. 1. What are you doing this weekend? a. They are dark brown. 2. What does your English teacher look like? b. It’s Sandra. She is my new friend. 3. What is Mary like? c. I’m visiting my grandparents. 4. Where are the kids? d.She’s slim and has long blond

hairand blue eyes.

5. Can you help me with my homework, please? e. Sound great! I’d be happy to. 6. Would you like to Join usata party on Sunday? f. She’s kind, active and sensitive. 7. What colour are his eyes? g. They are playing in the playground. 8. Who is that girl? h. Sorry, I can’t. I’m busy. READING VII. Choose the word which best fits each gap. Wickedly Wonderful is a small summer (1) ______ in the UK for children aged 6 to 13 years old. The children (2) ______ a week outdoors at the camp, making new friends andlearning new activities (3) ______ having a lot of fun. (4) ______ the summer camp, they sail, horse ride, kayak, enjoy games on the beach and the beach (5)______, swim, surf, go crabbing and ride bikes. Children will enjoy holidays with Wickedly Wonderful, and (6) ______ are holidays that they will remember forever! 1. a. term b.course d. holiday 2. a. take b.spend c.use d. pass 3. a. which b.what c.where d. while 4. a. At b. In c.On d. During 5. a. firingcamp b. campfire c.firecamp d.firingcamp 6. a. this b.that c.these d. those

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