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   Everyone thinks I picked all the flowers in the garden.

=>I am thought ..........................................................................

  We decided to move to the countryside.

=> We made .......................................................................

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AKTB^^_Đỗ Thanh Hải_^^
8 tháng 4 lúc 23:50

1 I am thought to pick all the flowers in the garden

2 We made a decision to move to the contryside

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The last time I saw Ananda we talked at the top of a mountain, in his cave, on a wild spring day, looking across the plains to the sea. He lived in a cave in Kataragama, the sacred place at the heart of Sri Lanka. He said he could not leave it now that he had found he had everything he wanted. His last painting was the blue rainbow that he had painted in colours from earth and stone over the doorway to his cave.

I had walked for hours to see him, through a cloud of white butterflies. It was a month after our first meeting. His face had lost its look of sadness. He was thin and tanned. He took me into his cave, and we sat in the soft dark for a while without saying anything.

'There are snakes here, you know,' he said. 'But they do not bite if they know you are harmless. Sometimes as I sit here thinking, they come and brush past me.'

I gave him a copy of the Sonnets to Orpheus, by Rilke. He handed it back to me, gently. 'I do not read any more. You keep it.' Then he took me up to the top of the mountain, just above his cave, and we walked slowly round the small tree he had planted there.

Just before we parted, Ananda said to me, 'I had a dream about you last week. I saw you in a small room, sitting quietly. Out of the window behind you I saw mountains, snow-covered mountains. You will find that room.'

'I hope so,'

I must have sounded doubtful, because he said again, 'No. I am certain you will.'

'Was there anyone else in the room?'

'Yes. Several people. They were sitting with their backs to me and so I couldn't see who they were.'

'Do you have any idea where the room was?'

'No. But it was very much like a room I once stayed in at a temple near Lhasa. It was definitely a Tibetan room. There was a large painting on the wall, but it was in shadow and so I cannot tell you what its subject was. You have an inner relation with Tibet and Tibetan philosophy; you will have to explore it sooner or later!'

I walked down the hill, disbelieving and amazed at what Ananda had said. He called after me, 'Be happy! Be happy!' and I turned and saw him on his rock, a small orange bird.


1. How did Ananda look to the writer the first time he met him?

      A. thin                B. unhappy                  C. pale                         D. wise

2. What do we learn of snakes in Ananda's cave?

      A. They can be dangerous                                  B. They do not bite

      C. They are frightened of Ananda                      D. They make good pets

3. Ananda dreamed of a room

      A. where they had been together                        B. which he knew from a painting

      C. which neither of them knew               D. where he had once stayed

4. What was the writer's reaction to the description of the dream?

      A. He was astonished                             B. He was afraid

      C. He was up set                                     D. He was disappointed

5. What do we learn of Ananda's life?

      A. He was unable to read or write                       B. He suffered from loneliness.

      C. He longed to return to Tibet               D. He had chosen to live in this way



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