Describe a journey that didn't go as planned.

You should say:

- where you were going

- how you were travelling

- who you were with

- what went wrong

- and explain what would do differently.

Trần Ái Linh
Hôm kia lúc 9:44

Two years ago, I went to Sam Son beach with my family. It was a beautiful day with sunshine everywhere. When I went swimming, suddenly, the cloud became dảk, the wind blew so roughly, the waves were higher than usual. I anxiously backed to the seaside with my parents. Then, we were back to the hotel. At the hotel, my cousin with I played extremely fun card games. I won a lot of money. It was an unforgettable holiday. <3

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Dạ Hoa
Hôm kia lúc 9:55

We decided to go camping on Sunday. The weather TV said the weather would be nice. So we decided to go for a walk. Because we were on a trip near the mountains and had nothing to do. so a picnic is in my plan. I will go with my family. But that day, it was cloudy again and it looked like it was going to rain. So we could only climb the nearest mountain top and eat rushed when the rain started to fall. We went back to our camp. The camp was canceled but the feeling of lying down and listening to the rain was quite good.

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Phạm Trần Hoàng Anh
Hôm kia lúc 9:55

There are a lot of important journeys I could talk abour but I suppose my favorite journey was the last holiday in summer after I knew my English result. It was a very high mask so my mother was very happy, she catches the bus to Vinh for us after some days to visit my cousins as a present, I thought that was really fantastic but we took a wrong bus to Ha Noi and this is the first time I went there. Ha Noi is a mordern city where the cinemas, museums and parks are built every years.There are a lot of things to do there. The food there is cheap and delicous, not as expensive as Nghe An. The most important thing that I had a lot of new freinds, they are very kind to me and they told me about special things about Ha Noi. Althought it didn't turn out the way I wanted but that was the most interesting journey that I ever had.

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Gút - boi :)) 🌌
Hôm kia lúc 9:55

3 years ago.  I went to Nha Trang beach with my family. It was wonderful, a beautiful day with lots of sun. I was swimming when it suddenly rained. I go to hotel and go to restaurant with my family. We eat delicious food. Then, we were back to the hotel. At the hotel, my present and my brother play a fun board games. I won a lot of fake money. It was a vacation that I will never forget.

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팜 칸 후옌
Hôm kia lúc 10:10

Last summer vacation when my family was planning to do a week outing in Ha Long I was very excited. That night I could not sleep and in my dream I dreamed that I was eating real seafood. delicious and sunbathing in the middle of a golden sandy beach resting in a luxurious five-star hotel. I am the one who is most hoping for this outing. Mother told me that next week my family will go. I am proud you know when you're looking forward to something that excites you the most and then it flies past you like the wind and then flies away. That's when my family made a plan and bought a plane ticket and everything necessary to go to the beach.....But why is my life so unfair as I was about to go, when the Ministry of Health announced that there was a new Covid case, people were isolated and had to stay at home. home. The most hopeful person was the most disappointed that my outing was canceled and had to stay at home:(

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An interesting journey is what I always want after a year of school with many challenges and stress. 3 years ago I got my wish but...I was very disappointed after going through that journey. At that time, my whole family went to Da Nang to travel, when I knew I was happy to jump, when I was packing my luggage, I made a lot of plans in my mind, such as going to the beach, going to the movies, enjoying the food. never seen... I couldn't sleep at night because of excitement and nervousness. Departed the next morning and it took me 2 days to arrive at my house, when I finished putting my things away, my whole family went to have dinner, a lot of rich and diverse dishes made me dizzy. maybe everyone feels good except me, it's not to my taste so I can only eat a little. After eating, I was allowed to hang out at the amusement park, the game console attracted me as soon as I walked in the door, but when I put the money in, I realized the machine was no longer working, I went back to the hotel in sadness. . The next morning, my father took the whole family to Ba Na Hills - one of the most famous tourist areas in Vietnam. It took me nearly half an hour to get on the cable car and another 20 minutes to sit there to get to the top of Ba Na mountain. As one of the most famous tourist areas in Vietnam, this place is really crowded. But by then it was quite late, so my family could only visit the French Village. In which there are enough modern facilities such as swimming pool, spa system, conference room, shopping area, cafe bar... But I still like the food area most, it has all kinds of restaurants. come from many places such as Japan, France, England, America... But my father said that sightseeing is the main thing, so I can't taste the food there, it's sad for people with a soul to eat like me. . When walking around I was photographed with foreigners playing French music. When I discovered there was a very large game area, I asked my parents to enter it and was allowed. That place has many types of games: horror yes, ball house, ... But I haven't played much so I had to go back because the resort is about to close. The very next day I had to go home because my father had an unexpected job, in the car I was not only disappointed but also regretful and sad. I was hoping for too much!

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