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All the students love the principal because of his kindness --->Because...........................................

Thuỳ Dương
22 tháng 10 lúc 17:58

the principal is kind, all the students love him.

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Nguyễn Khánh Huyền

I. Join each pair of sentences. Use the words in brackets.

1. Our team won by a large margin. No one thought wr would win the championship. ( but).

2. I could not see his face clearly. He was standing in the shadow. ( so).

3. The man spoke very slowly. He wanted me to understand what he said. ( so that).

4. Our flight was delay. We decided to take a long walk around the terminal. ( since).

5. I got very wet in the rain. I had an umbrella. ( even though).

6. He liked the sweatet. He decided not to buy it. ( though).

7. I had turn on the air conditioner. It was still hot in the room. ( even though).

8. Trevor didn't notice the sign. It was right in front of him. ( even though).

9. Matthew doesn't know any French. It was one of his school subjects. ( though).

10. Laura felt unwell. She went on working. ( in spite of this).

11. I told the absolute truth. No one would believe me. ( even though).

12. Despite a good salary, he was unhappy in his job. ( though).

13. My sister will take a plane even though she dislikes flying. ( in spite of).

14. He isn't happy although he is very rich. ( despite).

15. Even though he got a good job, he was not satisfied. ( despite).

16. Although he often tells lies, many people believe him. ( despite).

17. Mary didn't go to school yesterday because she was sick. ( because of).

18. She went to bed early because she felt tired. ( because of).

19. Margaret stayed at home because her mother was sick. ( because of).

20. I couldn't do the test because it was difficult. ( because of).

21. I couldn't read the letter because it was dark. ( because of).

22. I can't study because it is noisy. ( because of).

23. The train come late because it was foggy. ( because of).

24. The train was late because the fog was thick. ( because of).

25. I can't sleep because the weather is hot. ( because of).

26. All the teacher love him because his conduct is good. ( because of).

27. Because there was a traffic accident, I went to school late. ( because of).

28. Because there is a shortage of meet, we had to live on beans. ( because of).

29. Because there was a lack of water, many trees died rapidly. ( because of).

30. Because it was sunny, we decided to go camping. ( because of).

31. She walked slowly because her legs was injured. ( because of).

32. She didn't eat much though she was hungry. ( despite).

33. He couldn't solve the problem though he is good at math. ( despite).

34. Although it got dark, they continued the work. ( in spite of).

35. Cars cause pollution but people still want them. ( although).

II. Change clause of reason to phrase of reason.

1. Jim had to give up jogging because ha had sprained his ankle severely.

2. The water in most rivers is unsafe to drink because it's polluted.

3. We had to stay in London an extra day because it was foggy at the airport.

4. Bills had to do all of the cooking and cleaning because his wife is ill.

5. We all have received the best of everything because our parents are generous.

6. I couldn't get to sleep last night because it was noisy in the next apartment.

7. John has to sit in the front row in class because he has poor eyesight.

8. We stopped our car because the trafic light turn red.

9. She couldn't see the road because the wall was too high.

10. We postponed our trip because the driving conditions were bad

11. Sarah will not walk across a bridge because she's afraid of heights.

12. Mark's doctor has advised him to exercise regularly because he is overweight.

13. Piranhas can devour an entire cow in several minutes because their teeth are extremely sharp.

14. Most students couldn't do the final exam because it was extremely difficult.

15. John succeeded in his exam because he worked hard and methodically.

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