Unit 8 : Country life and City life - Hỏi đáp

According Dr. Lee, here are the most important things a student should do to be a good language learner. First, you should always go to class and get to it early. Second, you should sit straight and pay attention. And you ought to ask and answer questions in class. Third, you should do all homework and try to use your new language outside of class at least once every week. Finally, you mustn’t give up.

4   The author was trying to _________.

            A. show how important the language is                     B. introduce a new way of language learning

            C. give the reader advice on language learning.

            D. persuade the readers to join their new language class.

5     The author wrote the passage to _________.

            A. students                     B. language learners             C. doctors                         D. engineers

  1. Which of the following could be the best title of the passage?

            How to be a good language learner.                           B. How to be a good teacher.

            C. A new way of language learning.                          D. Dr. Lee’s Ideas.

  1. We could replace “ought to” in line 3 with _________.

            A. should                       B. have to                             C. need                              D. can

  1. Language learners shouldn’t _________.

            A. get to class early                                                     B. ask and answer questions in class

            C. be absent from school                                            D. use the new language outside of class


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