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151. All right. Stop talking. I’m beginning _______what you mean.
A. to understand B. understanding C. to be understood D. being understood
152. He used to collect stamps. He gave up _______stamps long ago.
A. to collect B. collected C. collecting D. to have collected
153. It’s no use _______children_______quiet. They are always noisy.
A. to ask/ to keep B. asking/ keeping C. to ask/ keeping D. asking/ to keep
154. I remember _______him somewhere but I can’t tell where it was.
A. to see B. seeing C. to be seeing D. to be seen
155. Town______used to go through city streets, shouting about the things they wanted to sell.
A. shouters B. criers C. singers D. dancers
156. Messages that a person receives or send on the computer are______.
A. data B. information C. e-mail D. texts
157. Hoa Hoc Tro is one of the most______magazines for teenagers.
A. like B. dislike C. know D. popular
158. Living in a far-away town I can`t get______to the Net easily.
A. access B. work C. connect D. relation
159. My parents always think that chatting on the internet is time -______;it `s a waste of time.
A. spending B. worling C. consuming D. getting
160. Without a_____,you can not access to the internet.
A. machine B. television C. computer D. translator
161. The next stage of the______of Television is interactive TV
A. revolution B. resolution C. development D. invention
162. Thanks to Television we can enjoi various international programs on different
A. channels B. ways C. forms D. parts
163. Television______can enjoi various interesting programs by selecting the right channels .
A. lookers B. watchers C. viewers D. seers
164. Throught Television we can see and learn about people, places and things in_____lands .
A. near B. next to C. faraway D. distance
165. TV brings______and sound from around the world into millions of homes
A. pictures B. images C. visages D. portraits
166. There are a lot of people here,______?
A. are they B. are there C. aren`t there D. aren`t they
167. They had to go home,______?
A. hadn`t they B. didn`t they C. had they D. did they
168. We should avoid_____our environment.
A. to pollute B. polluting C. polluted D. pollute
169. He apologized for_______me______so long.
A. keeping/ waiting B. keep/ wait C. keeping/ to wait D. to keep/ waiting
170. It‘s too hot now. Why don`t we go_____?
A. to swim B. swimming C. swim D. to have swim
171. Is it possible______you_____your office?
A. to see/ at B. to see/ for C. seeing/ at D. seeing/ for
172. It takes me about two hours______to Vung Tau
A. ride B. riding C. to ride D. rode
173. “ Do you think I should buy this suit?”
“______my opinion, it `s too expensive”
A. In B. To C. From D. For
174. The neighbors complained______the noise.
A. for B. to C. about D. with
175. Whould you mind______me how to use this machine?
A. to show B. showing c. show D. to have shown
176. Let `s go to the cinema tonight,______?
A. don`t we B. let we C. shan`t we D. shall we
177. This book isn`t very interesting,______?
A. isn’t it B. is it C. is this D. isn’t this
178. Tom has never written to you,______?
A. hasn’t he B. has he C. hasn’t Tom D. has Tom
179. Mr. Brown needs to leave right now,______?
A. needn`t he B. doesn`t he C. need he D. does he
180. Everything is all right,______?
A. isn’t every thing B. is every thing C. is it D. isn’t it
181. He refused______with me.
A. go B. to go C. going D. having gone
182. He offered_____me his notebook.
A. lend B. lending C. to lend D. having lend
183. John, stop______at those magazines and pay attention.
A. look B. to look C. looking D. to having looked
184. Have you even thought_____moving to another town?
A. from B. of C. at D. by
185. I `ll do the cooking when I have finished______the floor.
A. clean B. cleaning C. to cleaned D. cleaned
186. The nurse suggested_____two aspirins.
A. to take B. take C. taking D. being taken
187. We can`t depend______his help. We have to do the work______ourselves
A. on/ by B. on/ with C. by/ with D. with/ by
188. How much time do you spend______a web a day?
A. to surf B. surfing C. surf D. to have surfed
189. Listen to what Iam saying,______?
A. don`t you B. do you C. will you D. can you
190. I don’t like using the Internet because it has some _______ .
A. benefits B. advantages C. limitations D. disadvantage
191. Cathy has three jobs, so she has a high _________ .
A. income B. fee C. bill D. money

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24. We can use a computer _______with others and entertain ourselves.


A. to relate B. to get C. to communicate D. to gather


25. The Internet is a very fast and _______way for me to get information..


A. convenient B. terrible C. quickly D. inconvenient


26. Modern technology, for example computer technology, _______every aspect of our daily life. A. observe B. focuses C. influences D. results


27. Mobile phones are also an example of modern_______


A. communication B. telecommunication C. transportation D. conversation


28. Television is one of man’s most important _______ of communication.


A. procedure B. means C. manner D. technology


29. It brings _______and sounds from around the world into millions of homes.


A. pictures B. images C. visages D. portraits


30. TV even takes its viewers out of this world. It brings them coverage of astronauts ______outer space.


A. finding B. looking C. searching D. exploring


31. Tom and Bill have hardly done their homework, _______?


A. haven’t they B. did they C. do they D. have they


32. Neither of the students got good marks, _______?


A. do they B. did they C. don’t they D. didn’t they


33. Bill is always trying _______me.


A. to avoid to meet B. avoiding meeting C. to avoid meeting D. avoiding to meet


34. Let’s go swimming this afternoon, _______?


A. shall we B. will we C. let we D. let not we


35. The man was arrested though he denied_______the car.


A. to steal B. steal C. stealing D. stolen


36. He is used to working hard. He terrified _______ nothing to do.


A. to have B. having C. to having D. of having


37. Thanks _______ television people can get the latest information.


A. for B. to C. of D. about


38. While _______for the bus I saw a theft.


A. wait B. waited C. waiting D. having wait


39. Although younger than the other children, Tommy demanded _______in the game.


A. to include B. to be included C. including D. being included


40. The driver wanted to buy some cigarettes. So he stopped _______


A. buying some cigarettes B. to have bought some cigarettes


C. to buy some cigarettes D. having bought some cigarettes


41. The boss doesn’t allow us _______ personal phone calls in the office.


A. making B. to make C. having made D. to have make


42. Don’t wait for me. The manager wants me _______late tonight.


A. work B. working C. to work D. to have worked


43. Polly didn’t do her homework. She forgot _______the homework.


A. to do B. doing C. to have done D. having done


44. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean _______rude to you.


A. to be B. being C. to have been D. having been.


45. Go on, ask as many questions as you can. I don’t mind _______all.


A. to answer them B. answering them


C. to be answered them D. being answered them


46. I can’t use my office at present, it’s _______repair.


A. for B. under C. during D. in


47. Mrs. Anderson is responsible _______hiring and firing employees.


A. with B. by C. to D. for


48. This medicine will protect you _______a return of the illness.


A. of B. from C. to D. at


49. Imagine _______with some one who never stops talking.


A. to live B. to be living C. living D. to have lived


50. He wasted hours _______for this book.


A. to look B. looking C. to have looked D. being looked



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