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I. Choose the word having the underlined letters pronounced differently (1pt)

1. A. how B. hour C. humorous D. hair

2. A. visited B. heated C. locked D. corresponded

3. A. generous B. reserved C. device D. experiment

4. A. study B. music C. fun D. subject

II.. Choose the best answer ( 2pts)

1. It is really a difficult test but we will try to do it ______

A. ourself B, ourselves C, itself D, itselves

2. You are too thin. You ______ to eat more.

A, ought B, has C, should D, must

3,We live in a house ______ to the store

A. on B. in C. under D. next

4, Would you like ______ a message ?

A. leave B. to leave C. leaving D. to leaving

5, My father has a good ______ of humor , so everyone likes to talk to him.

A, feeling B, sense C, knowledge D, memory

6, A: Is she going to drive a car? B: No, she’s ______

A. not enough old to drive a car B. enough not old to drive a car

C. not old enough to drive a car D. enough old to drive a car


7.Don’t come in . Please wait ______ for your turn.

A. outside B. inside C. downstairs D. upstairs.

8, Can I ______ to Mary, please? This isNancy.

A. speak B. listen C. read D. write

III. Give the correct form of the verbs(1pt)

1,The sun ( rise ) in the East and sets in the west..

2, I’m going (tell) my parents about the result of my exam.

3, What time (you / go ) to the market tomorrow ?.

4, Last night , my children (make ) a lot of noise , so I couldn’t sleep.

IV.Give the correct form of the words in brackets(1pt)

1. I am______ to have a friend like you. ( luck )

2. My brother like reading and he has got a lot of ______ book ( interest )

3. My parents enjoys the ______ of the countryside. ( peaceful )

4. Alexander is the _____ of the telephone . (invent )


V. Read and answer the questions:(2pts)

Peter is my pen pal. He is fifteen years old. He lives in a house in London. He has lived there for ten years. He is an excellent student. He always works hard at school and gets good marks. He loves learning Vietnamese in his free time. He often practices writing letters in Vietnamese. Sometimes he helps me to correct my writing, and I help him to correct his spelling mistakes. Next summer, he is going to visit Ho Chi Minh City with his family. I’m expecting to see him.

1. Where does he live?

2. What does he like doing in his free time?

3.. Does he often practice Vietnamese by writing and reading?

4. Where is he going to do next summer ?

VI. Complete the passage with the suitable words in the box(1pt)

interesting visit because and neighbor autumn

Lan was Hoa’s next-door (1)…….in Bac Giang. She is very beautiful. She has big brown eyes and a lovely smile. Last summer ,she went to Da Lat to (2)………Hoa. They traveled around the city and saw a lot of (3) ………….places such as waterfalls, flower gardens. Hoa likes living in Da Lat. Lan also likes living there........(4)......... Da Lat is a very beautiful place and quiet . Lan is going to visit Hoa next summer and she will be there during the summer.


VII. Use the following words to write meaningful sentences (1pt)

1.Why / not / he / go / movie theater / last night ?

2. We/ enjoy/ tell/ jokes.

3. I/ going/ see/ John/ tonight.

4.She/ often/ have/ short holiday/ Christmas.

VIII. Write the second sentence so that it has a same meaning as the first (1pt)

1. Tom wasn’t hard-working. He couldn’t get good marks.

=> Tom wasn’t ……………………………………

2. Her hair is long and black.

=> She has ……………………………………………

3. My father smoked a lot 5 years ago but now he gives it up.

=> My father used...........................

4. Swimming across this river is dangerous.

=> It is …………………………………………


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Silicon Valley School Uses Unconventional Methods to Train Entrepreneurs

Many future entrepreneurs first attend university and business school. In Silicon Valley, though, a place that celebrates innovation, there is a school aimed solely at current and future entrepreneurs that uses unconventional methods of teaching.
Most of the students did not expect jumping into a chilly pool with a billionaire investor would be their first step at Draper University. But the unexpected is the norm at Draper, and Aima Ohiwerei from Nigeria is experiencing it first-hand.
“It’s not like your regular school. Kind of like pushes you to try and imagine more than you can actually think you can imagine,” said Ohiwerei.
One drill is to try crossing the street blindfolded with only the help of verbal instructions. Thinking about doing something beyond the conventional is what Draper University tries to teach, says the school’s founder and venture capitalist Tim Draper. Consistent with the uniqueness of the school, the graduates become superheroes. They get a cape and mask as they are sent out as entrepreneurs to change the world with their unique ideas.
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