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I. Write the past simple form of the following verbs.
Infinitive Past Infinitive Past Infinitive Past Infinitive Past
1. be ___________ 2. find ___________ 3. use ___________ 4. fall ___________
5. light ___________ 6. escape ___________ 7. make___________ 8. graze ___________
9. fit ___________ 10. lose ___________ 11. go ___________ 12. choose ___________
13. appear___________14. come ___________ 15. hold___________ 16. break ___________
II.Complete the sentences, using the past simple of the suitable verbs in part I.
Ex: A lion escaped, from its cage yesterday morning.
1. A light__________ at the end of the road.
2. The sheep__________ peacefully in the fields.
3. He__________ a fire in the living room.
4. They__________ an Autumn Fashion Show three months ago.
5. I__________ my keys on the way home this afternoon.
6. The Americans__________ Mr. Bush as President.
7. We__________ home and__________ her asleep on the sofa.
8. She__________ over and__________ her leg.
9. We__________ on a school trip to a museum.
10. She__________ me a beautiful dress for my birthday party.
III. Complete these sentences with used to or didn`t use to.
Ex: I used to so swimming (go swimming) but now I don’t go swimming any more.
1. My father gave up smoking two years ago. He ______________ (smoke) a packet of cigarettes a day.
2. There___________________ (be) a movie theater here but it closed a long time ago.
3. Mr. An___________________ (not drink) coffee when he was young but he like it now.
4. Peter___________________ (have) a motorbike, but last month he sold it and bought a car.
5. I___________________ (not like) her but we are best friends now.
6.They came to live in the city last year. They___________________ (live) in a small village in the country.
7. My sister ___________________ (play) tennis a lot but she doesn’t play very often now.
8. When I was a child I___________________ (not study) hard.
IV.Complete the dialogue. Put in used to with the verb.
Mrs. Bell is a hundred years old. She is the oldest person in the village. A radio reporter is interviewing her.
Mrs. Bell: I’ve always lived in the village, but not always in this house.
Reporter: (1) ________________________(Where/ you/ live?)
Mrs. Bell : When I was a girl, (2) ___________________ (we/ live) at Apple Tree Farm.
Reporter : But life was hard, wasn’t it?
Mrs. Bell : Oh, yes. Things (3) ___________________ (be) different from the way they are now. In those days (4) ___________________ (we/ not/ have) electricity.
Reporter : And (5) ___________________ (you/ help) with the farm work?
Mrs. Bell : Yes, (6) ___________________ (I/ look) after the hens.
Reporter: What did you do in the evenings?
Mrs. Bell: After dinner, (7) ___________________ (we/ gather) round my grandfather to listen to his stories. At the time, (8) ___________________ (we/ have) few games to play.

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